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What To Do After an Auto Accident


Sometimes even serious injuries are not always immediately painful. In the wake of an accident, your body will often release adrenaline and even natural painkillers that your body produces. It is not at all unusual to only begin to feel the full effects of an accident until several hours later or even the next day. Obviously some injuries will be immediately apparent to you and/or emergency response personnel. However, some injuries, such as injuries to the soft tissue or disc in the spine will not show up on x-rays; only an MRI or CAT Scan can find these injuries. While not as obvious as a broken bone or other serious injuries, these can be very debilitating and in some instances cause lifetime problems. Only a qualified doctor and radiologist can confirm these injuries.

Property Damage:

When your vehicle is damaged by the fault of another driver, it is the responsibility of their insurance company to make repairs. Since the minimum limit of $15,000 is usually enough to repair most vehicles, the issue that costs most drivers is when their vehicle is declared a total loss. This means that the insurance company has decided that the vehicle is so damaged that it is no longer safe to repair or that it would lose so much value, even with repairs, that they will instead pay the actual cash value of the vehicle. There are several different methods to arrive at the actual cash value, or “ACV,” of a vehicle. In most instances, the insurance company looks for the resale value of a vehicle like yours in the area and then averages those values to come up with the ACV.

If I am seriously injured, what am I entitled to?

If you are seriously injured, you have the right in Texas to recover for the following damages: Physical pain and mental anguish for past, present & future; loss of earning capacity in the past and future; disfigurement; physical impairment for past, present and future; and medical care for past, present and future. Not every element will apply in every case, but our expert attorneys can help guide you in what to do after an auto accident.

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