5 Things To Avoid In A Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’ve been hurt at the hands of another party, you could be due compensation, but you have to file a claim to receive it. Through a personal injury claim, you can get funds for your medical bills, lost wages and car repairs, so be sure to hire a personal injury lawyer who can help you get the most compensation possible. There are many lawyers in the business who aren’t worth the time and money you invest in them, so be careful when selecting who you choose to represent you. If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer for your case, avoid the following five negative features to ensure that you find a good attorney:


  1. A lack of experience. You don’t want to hire a personal injury lawyer who doesn’t have experience. Experience is crucial because it helps them determine what evidence to gather, what angle to take in your case, and how to best sway the judge and jury in your favor. Look for attorneys with several decades of successful case results.


  1. An unclear pricing structure. A confusing or unclear pricing structure is a red flag. Most quality personal injury lawyers will work on a contingency fee basis, which means that if your case is successful, they get a certain amount of your total settlement. This encourages them to work as hard as they can on your claim so that you both benefit. Other lawyers may charge an hourly or daily rate, or they may charge you a set retainer fee. Regardless of how their pricing is set up, make sure they’re up-front, honest and clear about it so you know what to expect when your final bill comes.


  1. Being passed off to a paralegal or assistant. If you schedule a meeting with a potential personal injury lawyer and they hand you off to a paralegal, assistant or associate, consider it a bad sign that they’re overloaded with casework and don’t have time to meet with you. This in turn means that they probably don’t have an adequate amount of time to work on your case either, which could hurt your chances of success.


  1. No access to past case results. A lawyer’s past case results and how much clients have won can give you valuable insight into their effectiveness as a legal professional. It can also help you judge how adept they’ll be at handling your case, so if a lawyer refuses to show you their past results, they’re either not proud of their accomplishments or they don’t have any experience. Either way, move on to other candidates who are willing to share their results and who can provide many positive reviews and testimonials from past clients. Some lawyers have such results and reviews available on their websites, while others will provide them at your request.


  1. A messy office. If you meet with a personal injury lawyer and notice that their office is in a state of disarray, go elsewhere. A messy office can indicate financial problems, that the attorney is extremely overwhelmed with cases and doesn’t have time to properly handle yours, or that they’re disorganized and inefficient. Regardless of the reason, a messy office is never a good sign, and it’s also unprofessional.


If you are in need of a personal injury lawyer, contact the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today to schedule a free face-to-face consultation. With years of professional experience, lots of positive case results, a clear pricing structure, and great reviews and testimonials from happy clients, you can rest assured that we’re well equipped to handle your case successfully.

Beat Big Business Dollars With An 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Getting into an accident with an 18-wheeler isn’t the same as being in an accident with a passenger car. In addition to the more severe damage it can cause, you’re also facing a much more formidable opponent, because unlike passenger car drivers who typically deal with wrecks through their insurance agents, 18-wheelers drivers often work for businesses and so are under the protection of a corporate company that has big-business legal representation. These companies have lawyers who are fully funded and prepared to place the blame on your in order to save the company’s reputation, so if you’re in a wreck with a large truck, it’s imperative that you enlist an 18-wheeler accident lawyer to ensure a chance of winning your case.


How an 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Can Help

With an 18-wheeler accident lawyer on your side, you can make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your car repairs, medical bills, pain, suffering, and any other damages you have endured because of the wreck. An 18-wheeler accident lawyer will help you do things like gather evidence to prove that the truck driver was at fault, which could include police reports, traffic camera footage, the driver’s employment record, and the truck’s logbook. Your lawyer will take care of all communication with the insurance companies and other involved attorneys so that you don’t have to worry about legal jargon and complex issues, and they will file your insurance claim against the driver’s insurer, employer, or owner of the truck if they are refusing to pay. Your 18-wheeler accident lawyer will also ensure that you’re not stuck paying the bills that you have accumulated due to the accident. Many big business lawyers will do anything they can to keep from losing money and to keep the company in business, so they will often try to blame the victim for the crash, even if they played absolutely not part in causing it. Your attorney will stand up for your rights and make sure this doesn’t happen to you.


If you were involved in a wreck with an 18-wheeler, don’t try to take them to court by yourself; contact an 18-wheeler accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.