Truck Accident Law Firms: Sorting the Good from the Bad

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When you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, you need to connect with a lawyer – and fast. A lawyer can help ensure you’re compensated for the injuries and damage caused and that you’re not stuck footing the bill for something that wasn’t your fault. Unfortunately, there are thousands of truck accident law firms out there. How can you be sure you’re getting the right one? What should you look out for when sorting the good firms from the bad? Simply follow our handy guide to choosing truck accident law firms below.


    1. 1.Look for truck accident law firms with experience. First and foremost, you want a law firm that has extensive experience in handling truck accident cases. They should have managed hundreds of cases, have years of practice under their belts, and know the ins and outs of truck accident laws and regulations like the back of their hand. This will best ensure your claim goes quickly, smoothly, and efficiently and also that you receive the maximum compensation possible. In addition to having experience in truck accident cases, you also want to be sure they have experience both in settling cases out of court and in a trial setting. You never know what your claim may require, so you need to be sure you have the utmost experience and knowledge on your side.


    1. 2.Keep an eye out for board certification. If you really want to sort the good truck accident law firms from the bad, be on the lookout for lawyers who are board certified. Board certification shows that the attorney has a high level of knowledge, expertise, and dedication to their specific field. They’re committed to serving their community, they’re highly regarded by their peers, and they’re dedicated to continuing their education. Only a select few lawyers in the state have this level of recognition. In the case of a truck accident, you’ll want an attorney who is board certified in personal injury law. With them on your side, you’ll have the greatest chances of success in your claim.


    1. 3.Steer clear of firms without testimonials or reviews. A lack of client testimonials or reviews is one of the biggest red flags you can come across when searching for truck accident law firms. Client reviews and testimonials show that a firm is vouched for: that their past clients and customers have been satisfied with their work and seen real, viable results. If a firm you’re considering doesn’t have any testimonials or reviews from past clients on their website or marketing material, it may be time to start looking at other options.


  1. 4.Seek out firms with local connections and knowledge. You want to be able to get your case wrapped up quickly, so you can pay your medical bills, repair costs, and more. There’s no better way to do that to make sure your attorney has the right resources and connections to pull from. They should have relationships with local experts, in case you need a medical expert witness or other type of testimony, and they should be well-acquainted with the process of requesting police reports, trucking logs, and other pieces of evidence in your area. Additionally, they should know the local legal scene and be familiar with area judges, attorneys, and courts. All of this can help your case be more successful and profitable overall.


Are you having trouble finding good truck accident law firms in your area? Then you need the Law Offices of Pat Maloney. With more than three decades of legal experience under his belt, Pat Maloney can help you see success in your truck accident claim. Call us today at 210-226-8888 to get started.


5 Ways to Prevent Oil Field Accidents


The oil and gas industry is one of the most dangerous sectors in the country. Oil field accidents result in hundreds of serious injuries and dozens of fatalities every year, and the numbers only continue to grow. In Texas, the statistics are even worse. A whopping 40% of the nation’s oil field deaths occur in the Lone Star State alone. That’s 40%!


Because of the high rate of injury, death, and on-the-job accidents, safety needs to be of the highest priority for oil and gas employers. They must take steps to prevent oil field accidents and injuries at every turn, not only to protect their employees, but also to prevent expensive litigation, disability, and workers’ compensation claims.


Do you want to prevent accidents and injuries on your team’s work site? Then follow these five tips:


1. Have a training program in place – Create a training manual and set up a training program that all employees must go through before setting foot on the field. The training should cover everything from how to store tools and machinery to the proper responses to fires, falls, and other emergencies.

2. Keep the field clean and clear – When tools are lying around or puddles of liquid are not cleaned up, it can pose a hazard for any and all workers in the area. Assign someone to do an hourly walk through of the entire field to ensure it is safe and hazard-free.

3. Check your tools and facilities regularly – Malfunctioning tools, loose railings, and other areas of disrepair can put your employees at risk. Make sure to check all your tools, machinery, and facilities regularly to ensure they are safe for use.

4. Push OSHA guidelines – OSHA has set forth tons of guidelines on how to stay safe and prevent injury in the workplace. They even have guidelines that are specific to the oil and gas industry. Make sure your employees have access to this information by handing out copies of the guidelines or posting OSHA signs on the walls in break rooms and other areas in your facility.

5. Encourage sharing – Make sure your employees aren’t afraid to speak up if they see a problem. They should be able to tell you or the site manager if there are safety issues looming, whether they stem from a colleague, an unsafe area of the field, or some other problem. This will ensure that workers and supervisors can attend to problems quickly and prevent injuries from happening.


Although these tips can certainly help, oil field accidents may still happen. If an accident occurs on your watch, contact the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today. Our expert attorneys can help.


San Antonio Law Offices: What Makes the Difference?


When you need a lawyer, it’s usually regarding something important. Also, because of statutes of limitations, you need to act, and you need to act fast. Unfortunately, with so many San Antonio law offices out there, this is often difficult. You’re forced to sort and sift through hundreds, even thousands, of offices before you find the right one that meets your needs. It wastes precious time and keeps you from getting the compensation you’re due.


To prevent this from happening to you, be prepared. Know what you’re looking for. Before you begin searching for the right team of lawyers to handle your case, take a minute to learn about what differentiates some San Antonio law offices from others. Then, armed with this knowledge, you can find the perfect legal team much more quickly and efficiently.

When looking through San Antonio law offices, pay special attention to these factors:


You can cut out a lot of potential law offices just by knowing what their specialty or focus is. If you were injured in a car accident, then you’re going to need a lawyer who specializes in injury law and has experience with car wreck claims. You don’t need a criminal lawyer, one who focuses on medical malpractice, or one whose main specialty is marine law. Knowing what type of lawyer you need helps narrow your search and eliminate hundreds of possible law firms right off the bat.


In addition to having a specialty that closely relates to your case, the law firm you choose also needs to have the experience to back it up. Most San Antonio law officeswill provide information about their background, their experience, and their clients’ verdicts on their websites. Some even provide testimonials from past customers. These show that, not only do they have experience in your type of claim, but also they’ve satisfied past customers just like you. Always look to see that a law firm has the proper experience under its belt to see your case succeed.


When filing a claim, you want a lawyer who’s knowledgeable, one who’s a bona fide expert in their field. To make sure you get this, take a minute to learn about the team of any San Antonio law offices you’re considering. What is their educational background? Have they won any awards or been recognized for anything special? What qualifies them to handle your case?


A great way to see if a law firm is truly on its game is to check if it has a library or educational blog on its website. This shows that, not only do they know their stuff, but that they’re willing to share that knowledge with you to better arm you (and your case) for success.


Finally, once you’ve narrowed your search to just a handful of San Antonio law offices, you’ll need to get down to the nitty gritty financial details. How much does each firm cost, and when are you charged? Do you only pay if your case triumphs? You want a firm that’s up front and clear on how payment and pricing works; there should be no surprises later on down the road when it’s time to pay up.


The best law offices will offer a free consultation to start, so you can get a feel for the team, as well as ask about pricing. They may even offer you a general assessment of your case and ballpark figure as to what you can expect for compensation. This will help give you a better idea of your budget and help you decide what you can and can’t afford in regards to legal services.


Need a lawyer? Contact the San Antonio Law Offices of Pat Maloney at210-226-8888 or today.


Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit in Texas


Car accidents can be extremely dangerous. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were more than 10 million car accidents in 2009. Nearly 36,000 of those accidents resulted in the death of someone involved. However, it doesn’t stop there; in addition to being life-threatening, car accidents can also leave victims severely injured, causing third-degree burns, broken bones, head trauma, paralysis, or even permanent disability. If you or a loved one suffered an injury in a wreck, consider filing a car accident lawsuitto fight for your rights.

Typically, if your accident was caused by another driver’s error, negligence, or reckless driving, you could have a successful car accident law suit on your hands. Types of errors or negligence that could cause the other driver to be liable include:

  • Speeding
  • Going slower than the posted speed limit
  • Failing to heed a stop sign or stop light
  • Not following traffic laws, regulations, or posted signs
  • Failing to use a turn signal when turning or switching lanes
  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

If you can prove liability, your claim could compensate you for your car repairs and property damage, any medical bills for injuries you sustained, lost wages if the wreck kept you from work, and even for the pain and suffering you endured. If the other driver was operating their vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or they were driving particularly recklessly, you could even be awarded punitive damages. These are intended to punish the driver and to discourage future reckless behavior.

Were you or a loved one hurt in a car wreck? Consider filing a car accident lawsuit to recoup the costs you’ve incurred. Call 210-226-8888 to speak to a lawyer at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney about your case.

San Antonio Law Offices: How to Choose the Right Legal Partner

Just a short drive down any of our local highways will reveal that there are dozens of San Antonio law offices in the area. While having a lot of choices is nice, this can also make choosing your legal partner extremely difficult. How do you know which one is right for your case or who will give you the best chance at success and the highest settlement?


The answer isn’t always easy to come by.


Fortunately, there are a few factors you can look at when comparing one law office to another. After carefully reviewing the following list, you should be well on your way to finding the perfect legal partner for your case:


  • Type of law – There are San Antonio law offices for car accidents, divorce, child custody, personal injury, and even maritime law. If you want the best chance at success, you need to choose an attorney who specializes in the area of law that your case falls under. Hurt by a doctor? Find a malpractice office. Injured on the job? Look for a workplace injury lawyer.
  • Reviews and ratings – You should also look at reviews of each law office. First, look to past customer reviews. These can be found on the firm’s website, as well as on other review sites across the web. Next, look at peer reviews. Sites like allow you to learn what other lawyers and legal professionals think of an attorney and his or her experience and qualifications. In general, the higher the rating, the more esteemed in his or her field the lawyer is.
  • State of the office – Schedule an in-person meeting and assess the actual physical state of the law office. Is it neat and orderly, or is it messy and in disarray? If you see a disorganized office, it’s likely the firm is disorganized with its cases also. That means a lower chance of success and poor customer service overall. Additionally, a disorderly office often means a firm is extremely busy, and they just might not have the time available to do your case justice.


Are you having trouble deciding between San Antonio law offices for your personal injury case? Then stop by the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today. With decades of experience, high ratings and customer satisfaction reviews, and a case record that speaks for itself, you won’t find a better local firm than ours.


Car Accidents: Third Party Insurance vs. First Party Claims

When you’ve been in a car accident, you’ll likely need to file a claim with either your insurance company or the other party’s in order to recoup costs for your car repairs, medical bills, and other expenses incurred. These are called first party and third party insurance claims. The differences between third party insurance vs. first party claims can be important.

However, how do you know which type of claim you should file for your wreck? What can you expect with each type? Learn more about filing a car accident claim below.

Third Party Insurance Claims

A third party insurance claim is one filed with the insurance company of another driver involved. If the accident was the fault of another driver, even only partially, you will need to file this type of claim. Through a third party claim, the other driver’s insurance will cover the costs of your car repairs and damages or, in the event your car is totaled, provide you with the actual cash value of the vehicle.


If you were injured, the insurance company will likely offer you a settlement amount to cover your medical costs. It’s best you discuss any settlement offers with a qualified attorney before accepting.

First Party Insurance Claims

A first party insurance claim is one filed with your personal insurance company. If you’re involved in any accident, even if it’s not your fault, you may file this type of claim. If the accident is your fault, your insurance will help cover your costs, as well as costs the other driver may have suffered during the course of the wreck. If the other driver was at fault and their insurance doesn’t pay all of your repair or medical bills, your first party claim may help you cover them.


Additionally, if your car was stolen, vandalized, or otherwise harmed, you would also file a first party claim, and your personal insurance company would compensate you for the damages and repairs per your policy agreement.


Were you recently in an accident? Discover whether you should file a first party or third party insurance claim by calling the Law Offices of Pat Maloney at 210-226-8888 today.


5 Questions Your Workplace Accident Attorney Will Ask


If you have been injured on the job, your initial consultation with an attorney is important, but can be very intimidating. Before you meet with any workplace accident attorney, you should be prepared to answer these five questions.

5 Questions Your Workplace Accident Attorney Will Ask


    1. 1. What happened? This sounds obvious, but oftentimes, your case will be decided based on the actual facts of the accident. Sit down before your meeting and try to remember as much of the scene as possible. Your workplace accident attorney will want to know items such as: what you were doing before the accident, whose direction were you following, how did the accident happen, and who was around when the accident occurred. Think about the sequence of events and organize them in your mind as best you can.


    1. 2. What medical care providers have you seen? Bring a list of all the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other medical providers you have seen since the accident, even for reasons unrelated to the accident. If you cannot remember all their names, bring a list of the facilities.


    1. 3. What are your injuries? Make a list of every injury you sustained as a result of your workplace accident. Your list should include the name of the doctor who diagnosed the injury, treatments for your injuries, and your doctors’ prognosis for each injury.


    1. 4. Are you back to work? If you have been cleared to go back to work, have you started working again? How long were you out of work? How much income did you lose as a result of your injury? If you have not been cleared to go back to work, what are your doctors saying about your return to work?


  1. 5. What did your company do? Your attorney will need to know exactly what your company did after your accident. Did they take you to a doctor? Did they investigate the accident? Did they interview any witnesses? Were you fired or disciplined as a result of the accident and your injury? The more information you can provide about your company’s response to the accident, the better.


These initial consultations can be confusing, but being prepared will help both you and your workplace accident attorney. Pat Maloney has been practicing law for over 30 years, and is recognized nationwide for excellence and dedication. Contact us today to see why you should choose us as your workplace accident attorney.

A Texas Construction Accident Attorney Gets You Results


Construction workers have a dangerous job. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about one in every 25 construction workers is injured every year. From cuts, burns, and broken bones, to head trauma, brain injury, and even death, the consequences of a construction accident can be severe. Often, these accidents aren’t even the victim’s fault; they occur because a coworker makes a mistake or a manager fails to maintain a safe and risk-free work site. If this has happened to you or a loved one, it’s important to enlist the help of a Texas construction accident attorney as soon as possible. You could be due compensation.


An experienced Texas construction accident attorney can ensure you don’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake. If you were hurt on a construction site because of a coworker’s mistake or a manager’s negligence, an attorney can help you seek justice.
Specifically, a Texas construction accident attorney can help get compensation for:

  • Any medical bills or treatment costs you’ve incurred because of the accident and subsequent injuries.
  • Any wages or income you have lost, either because the injury rendered you unable to work or you were seeking treatment for the injury.
  • The costs of any property damage you may have suffered in the accident.
  • The pain and suffering you’ve endured since the accident occurred.
  • The loss of quality of life, if your injury has significantly disabled or disfigured you.


An attorney can also help you report the construction site to OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. An OSHA representative will inspect the workplace and, if safety hazards are found, require them to be remanded so that no further accidents happen.


Were you hurt at a construction site? You could be due compensation for your medical bills, lost income, pain, suffering, and more. Contact Texas construction accident attorney Pat Maloney at 210-226-8888 to learn more.

Typical Oil Field Accidents


Oil field workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. They work in the elements, dealing with heat, rain, and other difficult weather conditions, and they work around dangerous, heavy machinery and volatile substances on a day-to-day basis. It’s no wonder oil field accidents are so common. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 1,300 oil field workers injured in 2011 alone.
Common oil field accidents include:

  • Falls from scaffolding, stairs, ladders, or decks
  • Gushers and blowouts
  • Trips on pipes, tarp, matting, or other materials
  • Incidents involving the transportation of materials or pipelines
  • Slips on ice, mud, or other slick surfaces
  • Strikes from falling objects, pipes, ducts, bars, boxes, bags, and machine parts
  • Gas leaks and exposure to fumes
  • Incidents that occur during drilling
  • Overexertion while lifting, pulling, or operating machinery
  • Salt dome incidents
  • Contamination and storage problems
  • Collapsing decks
  • Entrapment in drilling equipment or other pieces of machinery
  • Extreme noise exposure
  • Defective or inappropriate equipment
  • Fires and explosions


If you suffered an injury due to any of these common oil field accidents, you should consider filing a claim. You could be due compensation for your medical bills, any wages you lost, and your pain and suffering. Contact an injury lawyer to help guide you through the legal process of filing your claim.


Often, with oil field accidents, a number of parties could be held liable for your injuries. Possible at-fault parties include co-workers, your employer, or any manufacturer or distributor of a product or material that may have been involved in your injury. A lawyer will be best able to help you determine who is responsible and whom you can seek compensation from.


If you or someone you love is considering filing a claim for injuries sustained in oil field accidents, call San Antonio injury lawyer Pat Maloney today.