Pat Maloney: Your Eagle Pass Lawyer

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When you need a lawyer, it means there are serious stakes, justice hangs in the balance, and valuable money is on the line. You can’t trust just anyone to handle your case. To really be successful in filing your claim, you need someone you can rely on, someone who’s experienced in your type of case and, most of all, someone who’s local. That’s why, if you’re injured on the job in Eagle Pass or you’re hurt in a car accident on Main Street in Eagle Pass, you need an experienced Eagle Pass lawyer. One who knows your area and knows what you’re all about.

Attorney Pat Maloney is a professional and experienced Eagle Pass lawyer. He specializes in representing local residents who have been injured in car accidents, truck wrecks, or at the workplace. With Maloney’s years of experience, top-notch education, and local know-how, you can rest assured your case is in good hands when you choose him.

About Pat Maloney

Maloney and his firm, the Law Offices of Pat Maloney, have been in operation for more than 50 years. Maloney himself has represented injured victims across the state, garnering many multi-million dollar verdicts for his plaintiffs. He also boasts a wide array of honors, including being named Outstanding Young Trial Lawyer by the San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association and serving as president and director of the association.

Maloney is board certified in personal injury trial law, allowing him to specialize in injury cases just like yours. He also contributes to the legal industry as a member of the San Antonio Bar Association, the Association of Trial Lawyer of America, the American Bar Association, the San Antonio Lawyers Association, and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association.

Were you injured in a commercial truck accident, car wreck, or on the job? Get the compensation you’re due. Contact Eagle Pass lawyer Pat Maloney today to get started.

How Not Hiring A San Antonio Car Accident Attorney Can Hurt You


After you’ve been in a wreck, hiring a San Antonio car accident attorney isn’t always a necessity – but it can help your case exponentially. Proceeding with your car accident claim or lawsuit without an experienced attorney on your side can be a big mistake. It can cost you money, affect the final outcome of your case, and make the entire process more difficult.


Don’t believe us? Here are just a few ways NOT hiring a San Antonio car accident attorney can come back to haunt you:

    • The blame could get pinned on you.If you don’t have someone defending your side of the story, you could end up getting blamed for the bulk of the accident – especially if there’s a semi-truck or commercial vehicle involved. Ultimately, it could mean you don’t get all the compensation you need – and deserve – for your accident.


    • You might not get as much compensation as you deserve. Without an attorney on your side, it can be hard to determine exactly how much your case should get you. An experienced attorney can accurately tally up how much you’re due for medical and health care bills, car repairs and property damage, lost wages and income, and any other associated costs you may have suffered.


    • You won’t know if you’re being undercut or low-balled.A San Antonio car accident attorney will fully evaluate each offer you get from the at-fault driver’s insurance. If it’s not enough, they’ll refuse it and demand more, so you have enough to cover all the cost associated with your wreck.


  • You’ll have to handle all communication with insurers and lawyers. If you don’t hire a car accident attorney to help with your case, you’re going to get stuck handling all the nitty-gritty details of your case. You’re going to have to call the insurance company, leave messages, fill out forms and do all that time-consuming stuff that you just don’t have the bandwidth for. If you hire an attorney, however, they can handle all these details for you, so you can get back to what’s most important: recovering from your wreck.

Want to avoid these hassles in your car wreck case? Then contact the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today. We’ll connect you with a San Antonio car accident attorney who can help.

A San Antonio Injury Lawyer Handles All Kinds of Injuries


A San Antonio injury lawyer doesn’t just handle one type or kind of injury. In fact, we work with all manner of injuries—from the smallest bruise or broken bone down to serious, life-threatening disabilities. If you were injured at the hands of another party, then we can help.


Here are just a few of the common injuries I see as a San Antonio injury lawyer:

  • Brain injuries – Traumatic brain injuries are one of the more serious issues I see. Often these are a result of car accidents, although they can come about in other situations as well. As these typically affect victims in the long-term, often these cases can garner quite a bit of compensation.
  • Neck injuries – Neck injuries, namely whiplash, are a very common issue, and they’re often seen after a car or truck wreck. Although this type of injury may seem minor, the victims still have every right to pursue legal action and get compensation for their pain, suffering, and medical bills.
  • Burns – Burns are common, too, often resulting from workplace accidents, defective products, or, sometimes, car or motorcycle accidents. These range from minor to life threatening and often require surgery and advanced treatment to repair.
  • Malpractice injuries – I also see injuries that stem from medical malpractice or negligence. This is when a doctor, nurse, or medical facility fails to recognize a patient’s needs or when he or she makes a mistake that leads to injury. These are often very complicated cases, as they involve malpractice insurance, hospital lawyers, and many other parties.
  • Workplace injuries – Injuries sustained on the job occur often as well. These usually include slips, falls, trips, or poorly cared for machinery or tools. On these cases, we often must choose between filing a worker’s compensation claim or pursuing legal action against the victim’s employer.


No matter how, where, or why you were injured, a San Antonio injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today to discuss your case.


Workplace Accident Lawyer: What Not To Talk About



Between medical bills, the inability to work, and losing out on income, getting hurt on the job can be frustrating, but these frustrations are usually alleviated by workers’ compensation, which will cover your medical bills and provide income while your body heals. However, workers’ compensation is only available if you proceed cautiously; according to workplace accident attorney Pat Maloney, one slip-up in a conversation with your employer or their insurance company could cost you some, or even all of your benefits. Ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries by avoiding the following topics when talking to your employer or their insurance company about your workplace accident:


    • Settling–Never accept a settlement without first consulting an attorney. In most cases, insurance companies are going to offer you as little as money as possible and hope that you’ll accept it, so always run a settlement offer by a qualified workplace accident attorney before agreeing to it. They’ll look it over, ensure it’s an adequate amount to cover your medical bills and damages, and then advise you on the appropriate action to take. If the offer isn’t enough, they’ll help you negotiate or take the employer to court if necessary.


    • Recorded statements–Representatives from your employer’s insurance company are likely going to contact you immediately after your accident occurs and say that they need a recorded statement, but this may be a trick. They call quickly after an accident to try and catch you off-guard, hoping that you will admit to some level of fault in the incident so that they don’t have to pay as much out on the claim as they should. Never agree to give a recorded statement before you’ve spoken to a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to properly prepare you so you don’t implicate yourself in any way.


    • Signing documents–Never sign anything without talking to a lawyer first. Once you sign something, all negotiations stop. You’ve agreed to whatever terms they’ve offered you, and there’s no going back. If you want to ensure that you get the best possible deal, always show proposed contracts and documents to an attorney before signing them.


    • Returning to work–You should never return to work just because a doctor says you “should” be able to. If you’re seeing a doctor recommended by your employer or their insurance company, they may be getting some sort of kickback for telling you that, so don’t return to work until you are fully recovered – it’s your right. If your doctor or employer tries to tell you otherwise, speak to your workplace accident attorney immediately.


  • “I’m sorry”–Never say “I’m sorry,” “my bad,” “I accidentally did ___,” or anything that could implicate you in the accident. Such phrases admit at least partial blame, and mean that your employer or their insurance company won’t have to pay out as much. Stick to the facts and keep things short and succinct when talking to any parties involved in your claim.


Additionally, you should never talk about your injury, your injury claim, or the accident itself with anyone who doesn’t need to be involved. That includes friends, family, and your social media connections. Posting to social media about workplace accidents can implicate you in the accident, negatively impact the amount of compensation you can earn, and even get you fired.


If you were hurt on the job, get valuable advice bycontacting workplace accident attorney Pat Maloney today.


Meeting with Your Work Injury Lawyer


If you’ve been hurt on the job, hiring a work injury lawyer is always in your best interest. This will not only help you take the right steps in getting the treatment and compensation you deserve, but it also ensures you’re not taken advantage of or treated unfairly in the process.
Are you preparing to meet with your work injury lawyer after an on-the-job incident? Here are 4 tips to ensure success:

    1. 1. Find out if your employer has workers’ compensation insurance. Before meeting with your lawyer, find out if your employer has workers’ comp. This will help your lawyer determine the appropriate steps to take in your case. If they do have workers’ comp, you’ll need to file a claim through your employer’s policy. If they don’t, you can instead file a legal suit against them.


    1. 2. Bring your medical reports and doctor’s notes. If you want your employer to cover your medical costs and treatment expenses, bring all itemized receipts, bills and doctors’ notes to your meeting. This will allow your lawyer to tally up the total up your costs and calculate how much compensation you’re due.


    1. 3. Keep a calendar of your days/hours missed from work, as well as any treatments, surgeries or other circumstances you’ve experienced due to the injury. Chances are, your accident has taken up a lot of time—time away from work, your family and your life in general. Keep track of all the time and hours spent on accident-related tasks, so your lawyer can include them in the total amount owed to you.


    1. 4. Keep notes of how your injury has affected you in your daily life. In addition to tracking the time your accident has taken up, also keep detailed notes of its effect on your life: how it’s changed your relationships, impacted your physical abilities, and what changes you’ve had to make as a result. You’ll likely be due compensation for these things as well.

Were you recently hurt in an accident? Then don’t hesitate. To get started, call a work injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney or contact us here. You could be due compensation for your injuries, damages and lost income.

Auto Accident Attorney San Antonio: What Kind of Settlement Can You Expect?

As a long-time auto accident attorney, San Antonio, I’ve worked with hundreds—possibly thousands—of clients over the years. And while every case is different, there’s one question I get, without fail, from every single client I see: “How much can I get?”


Naturally, compensation is the primary concern for most of my clients. Unfortunately, there’s no hard-and-fast answer to this question. While I can certainly guesstimate the amount your case will garner you, to determine a more accurate number I will need a little more detail first. Specifically, I’ll need to know:


  • The repair bills from your auto shop – How much did you have to pay to repair your car after the accident? In the event that your car was totaled, I’ll need the make, model, and year so I can determine the Kelly Blue Book value for it.
  • Statements from your insurance company – What did insurance cover or not cover after your accident? What did the other driver’s insurance cover?
  • Your medical bills and receipts – How much were you charged for ER visits, ambulance transport, treatments, medications, surgeries, and diagnostics?
  • Your medical records from your doctor – What is the overall outlook for your condition? Will you need further medical treatment? And if so, how much is that going to cost?
  • Details on other losses – Was other property damaged in the wreck? Did you lose or have to replace any possessions in your vehicle?


All of these factors will play a large role in the total amount you will be compensated. In some situations, you may even be due punitive damages if the other driver was particularly reckless or negligent (as in drunk-driving cases.)


If you were recently in a car accident and want to get an estimate on how much a legal claim could garner in your specific situation, contact the Law Offices of Pat Maloney and speak to a qualified auto accident attorney, San Antonio.


Tips to Stop Driver Fatigue Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatigue causes an estimated 100,000 car accidents every year. These driver fatigue accidents result in more than 1,500 deaths, 71,000 injuries, and $12 billion in damages and losses. Unfortunately, despite these sobering statistics, American drivers continue to drive drowsy.

Putting a Stop to Driver Fatigue Accidents

In a poll administered by the National Sleep Foundation, 60 percent of adult drivers admit to driving while fatigued within the last year. Thirty-seven percent say they’ve even fallen asleep behind the wheel. These sleepy drivers pose a dangerous threat to themselves and other drivers on the road.


However, drowsy driving can be prevented – and you can help. Put a stop to tired driving and prevent yourself and your passengers from falling victim to dangerous driver fatigue accidents by following these simple tips.

    • Always get plenty of sleep, especially before taking a long road trip. Ideally, you want to get at least six hours of sleep before driving long distances.


    • Only travel during hours you’re normally awake and alert. Avoid driving overnight, or very late or early when you’re usually asleep. This can cause you to drift off and be less alert than you should be.
    • Be sure to schedule a break every two hours or so. Trying to drive longer than that can leave you unfocused, inattentive, and tired.


    • Take a friend along for the ride. Having a passenger can help you stay awake and alert, plus you can rotate driving shifts with them, so neither of you gets tired or weary.


    • Avoid driving in the dark. The low visibility combined with the glare of headlights can put you into a sort of hypnosis, making you tired and unable to operate your vehicle properly.


    • Keep stimulation levels high. Never let your mind drift off while driving. Always keep yourself stimulated, alert, and involved. Roll down the window to let the wind blow your hair, turn up the radio and sing along, or turn up the A/C to make yourself cold and alert. All of these can help keep you in tip-top shape while driving.


    • Don’t drive under the influence. This includes alcohol, drugs, and prescriptions. Many prescription painkillers and other medicines have a tiring effect, making you drowsy and inattentive. Avoid taking these before getting behind the wheel.


    • Start your trips bright and early. You’re most alert in the early hours of the morning. Avoid starting your trip late in the day when you’re starting to get tired or fatigued.


    • Focus on good posture. Slumping and slouching may be more comfortable, but it’s also more conducive to relaxing and sleeping. Put your seat upright and ensure your legs and back are assuming proper posture. This keeps your muscles alert and focused, and ensures you don’t get fatigued too easily.


    • Wear sunglasses. If you don’t wear sunglass, you’ll be forced to squint all day long due to sun and bright lights. This can make your eyes tired and dry, and cause you to want to close them. Sunglasses can help shield the sun’s bright rays and keep your eyes alert and focused all day long.


With these tips, you can stay focused and alert while operating your vehicle and avoid dangerous fatigue accidents on the road.
Recognizing Symptoms of Drowsy Driving

In addition to following our safety tips, you can also help put a stop to fatigue accidents by being able to realize when you’re tired or drowsy while behind the wheel. If you have any of these symptoms, you may need to pull over and catch some Zs before continuing on your journey:

    • Excessive yawning
    • Difficulty concentrating or focusing
    • An inability to remember directions to where you’re going
    • Restlessness or boredom
    • Excessive blinking, dry eyes, or tired eyes


Even when you follow our safety tips and pull over at the first sign of fatigue, you still could fall victim to dangerous driver fatigue accidents on the road. When you do, contact an attorney at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today to discuss your legal options.

Why Pat Maloney Is A Car Accident Lawyer San Antonio Residents Can Trust


When choosing a car accident lawyer, San Antonio residents have lots of choices. There are hundreds of local attorneys and legal professionals in the area that you could hire to handle your case, but while they may all be licensed to provide you legal counsel, they may not be the best choice for your situation. If you want a dependable and reliable car accident lawyer you can trust, Pat Maloney is the best option. He became a licensed car accident lawyer in 1977, and for more than three decades he has successfully handled car, truck, and motorcycle accident cases, as well as less common cases such as bus and pedestrian accidents. And unlike most other lawyers, he won’t pass you off to a legal assistant or paralegal. You’ll get face-to-face time with him to discuss your needs and your case, because he always invests adequate time and effort into his clients’ success.


In addition to the years of experience and the personal service they benefit from when they choose Pat Maloney as their car accident lawyer, San Antonio residents can also have confidence in the fact that he has testimonials, positive results, and public recognition to vouch for his success and professionalism. He can share with you solid customer reviews and testimonials, many awards, and successful case results that show he is a good choice as a car accident attorney. Pat Maloney is also board certified in personal injury trial law, which is something only 10 percent of all lawyers in Texas have the honor of saying.


When in need of a trustworthy car accident lawyer, San Antonio residents should come to Pat Maloney first. He’ll fight for you and help your case be a success, so contact the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today to learn more and set up your free consultation.


Pat Maloney Is Your San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney


When you’re in need of a San Antonio personal injury attorney, there’s only one place to turn: the Law Offices of Pat Maloney. Pat Maloney and his team have served San Antonio residents just like you for more than 50 years; and in that time, they’ve won hundreds of cases, pleased thousands of clients, and secured millions of dollars in settlements.


Why Pat Maloney?


Pat Maloney specializes in personal injury, so he knows exactly what to do, what process to follow, and how to convince a jury to vote in your favor. He has decades of experience in auto accidents, trucking accidents, workplace injuries, and more. He even handles wrongful death claims on behalf of victims’ families.


Pat is board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, an achievement that only a very small percentage of Texas lawyers can boast. In fact, only 7,000 lawyers (out of more than 70,000 in the state) are currently board certified.


Over the years, Pat has won dozens of awards and honors, including “Outstanding Young Trial Lawyer” from the San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association. He has also served as president of the SATLA and director of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association.


In addition to the hundreds of clients who can attest to his greatness, Pat is also highly regarded by his peers. He currently holds a five out of five rating on Martindale-Hubbell, the industry’s premier peer rating system.


Get Help from Pat Maloney Today


If you’ve been hurt in a car or truck accident or injured on the job, don’t trust your case to just any San Antonio personal injury attorney. Call Pat Maloney instead. With Pat’s experience, industry background, and legal know-how, your case will have the foundation for success it needs.


Work with a Great San Antonio Accident Attorney for the Best Chances of Winning

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If you want to win your injury case, there’s only one thing you have to do: hire a great San Antonio accident attorney. While this may seem like a no-brainer for some, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t follow this piece of advice. They choose unqualified, inexperienced lawyers who just don’t cut it or, worse, they try to manage their cases all on their own. What results is usually a loss or, at the very least, a lower settlement than expected.


The truth is, a great lawyer is your only real shot at coming out on top. A good lawyer can:


  • Gather evidence – An experienced San Antonio accident attorney will know how to get his hands on the police report, the bills from your doctor and auto repair shop, and even the employment records you need to recoup lost income. These pieces of evidence are crucial if you want to win your case. In the event that evidence is meager, an attorney can even help you create day-in-the-life videos and other collateral that can help sway the jury.
  • Present your case in a convincing way – Attorneys are well versed in courtroom tactics. They know how to present information in a clear and convincing way, and they know how to get the judge and jury on your side. With their help, you’ll stand a greater chance of winning that case.
  • Guide the way – Filing and pursuing a lawsuit is a long and arduous process. It takes loads of paperwork, tons of legal know-how, and a whole lot of patience and dedication in order to do it right. A great lawyer can guide you through all of this. He or she will support you every step of the way.


Looking for a top-notch San Antonio accident attorney to handle your injury case? Then contact the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today. Our lawyers are experts in the injury field, and they can help you come out on top.