Determining Your Worth In A Truck Accident Settlement


If you were involved in an accident with a semi truck, you have probably suffered significant injuries, are in need of car repairs, have medical bills to pay, and have been kept away from work. With all these costs looming over you, you’re probably anxious to get your truck accident settlement quickly, but if you aren’t sure exactly what your settlement will cover or how much you can expect it to be, check out our guide below to learn more about how a truck accident settlement is determined.

Determining a Truck Accident Settlement

No two accidents are the same. Some cause minor property damage, some total vehicles, and some injure or kill other passengers and drivers involved. Truck accident settlements are as varied as the accidents themselves, so the amount they’re worth depends on the factors surrounding the wreck. Things like how much damage was caused, what injuries were suffered, and how the other parties are affected are all taken into consideration. If you have been involved in a truck wreck, the following factors will be examined when determining how much your truck accident settlement should be worth:

  • Medical bills and expenses you’ve incurred. If you were transported via ambulance, taken to the emergency room, or treated by a physician or hospital, these costs will be included in your settlement. Any medications you need for your recovery can also be included.
  • Medical bills and expenses you expect in the future. If you were seriously or permanently injured, your medical bills may continue throughout your life. Costs for rehabilitative therapy, at-home nursing care, and the regular prescriptions you’re going to need can all be included in your truck accident settlement.
  • Income you’ve lost as a result of your injury. If your injuries have caused you to miss work, even if only for a few hours, this lost income can be accounted for in your settlement.
  • Income you will lose in the future. If your injuries are permanent or have rendered you unable to work or perform your duties as before, future lost income can also be included in judgment.
  • Property damage you’ve suffered. The damage to your car or other property, as well as the costs to repair these damages, can all be included in your settlement. You may also be able to include rental car costs while your vehicle is in the shop.
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish you’ve endured. If the accident has caused you pain, emotional harm, or other psychological suffering, these may be quantified and integrated into your settlement. In the event that the accident or subsequent injuries have decreased your quality of life, these may also be considered.
  • Loss of a loved one. If a truck accident caused the death of someone you love, you will be due compensation for funeral and burial expenses, and you could also be owed funds for the income, benefits, and household services that you and your family will lose as a result of their death.
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    Injury settlements are difficult to estimate, as they involve both measurable and immeasurable factors. The car repairs and medical costs you’ve incurred are easily measurable and can be tracked in bills, receipts, and other documentation, but pain, suffering, and decreased quality of life are less tangible and therefore more difficult to attach a monetary value to.


What to Tell Your San Antonio Car Wreck Attorney

When it comes to car wrecks, many of my clients—especially ones who have never used an attorney before—are often hesitant to tell me the full story. They’re afraid that by admitting they made some sort of error or saying they could have been a little more careful that they’ll negate their whole case. Some even think I’ll suddenly turn against them and start working for the enemy (i.e., the other driver).


But let me tell you something: That couldn’t be further from the truth.


Honesty Is the Best Policy

When you hire me as your San Antonio car wreck attorney, I’m not here to pass judgment or work on the insurance company’s behalf. I’m here for you—to make sure you get the justice, compensation and medical care you deserve after your wreck.


And that stands true even if you had some level of fault in the accident. The important thing is that you’re honest with me. If you did make an error that could’ve contributed to the wreck, I need to know about it early on. Then I can prepare the proper defense and submit the pertinent evidence to sway the case in your favor.


If I’m not aware of a detail you’re afraid to reveal, and it comes up later with the insurance company, the other driver’s lawyer or even in court, there’s a lot less I can do. That could mean a smaller amount of compensation on your part. It could even leave you footing the entire accident bill on your own—even if the other person was more at fault.


In a Car Wreck?

The fact of the matter is simple. When working with an attorney—whether in a car accident case, a personal injury claim or even on simple workers’ comp—always be 100% honest. This is the best (and only) way to ensure your claim’s success in the long run.


If you or someone you love was in a car accident, contact a San Antonio car wreck attorney at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today. We’re here to help you get the money you deserve.


A Texas Construction Accident Attorney Gets You Results

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Construction workers have a dangerous job. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about one in every 25 construction workers is injured every year. From cuts, burns, and broken bones, to head trauma, brain injury, and even death, the consequences of a construction accident can be severe. Often, these accidents aren’t even the victim’s fault; they occur because a coworker makes a mistake or a manager fails to maintain a safe and risk-free work site. If this has happened to you or a loved one, it’s important to enlist the help of a Texas construction accident attorney as soon as possible. You could be due compensation.

An experienced Texas construction accident attorney can ensure you don’t have to pay for someone else’s mistake. If you were hurt on a construction site because of a coworker’s mistake or a manager’s negligence, an attorney can help you seek justice.

Specifically, a Texas construction accident attorney can help get compensation for:

  • Any medical bills or treatment costs you’ve incurred because of the accident and subsequent injuries.

  • Any wages or income you have lost, either because the injury rendered you unable to work or you were seeking treatment for the injury.

  • The costs of any property damage you may have suffered in the accident.

  • The pain and suffering you’ve endured since the accident occurred.

  • The loss of quality of life, if your injury has significantly disabled or disfigured you.

An attorney can also help you report the construction site to OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. An OSHA representative will inspect the workplace and, if safety hazards are found, require them to be remanded so that no further accidents happen.

Were you hurt at a construction site? You could be due compensation for your medical bills, lost income, pain, suffering, and more. Contact Texas construction accident attorney Pat Maloney at 210-226-8888 to learn more.

Texas Construction Accident Attorney: 4 Most Common Construction Incidents

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the country. In fact, according to EHS Today, an average of two construction workers die every day in the United States. And out of every five workplace fatalities, at least one is related to construction.


It’s a sad fact, but working in construction isn’t just hazardous, it’s downright life-threatening. Fortunately, as a longtime Texas construction accident attorney, I’ve seen every type of construction injury in the book. Over the years, I’ve also started to see some trends—accidents, injuries and errors that happen more often than others.


To help you or your loved one avoid a dangerous construction accident, I’ve gathered these four common injuries here. Take steps to work safely and avoid these unfortunate incidents in your workplace:


  1. Falls—Accounting for a whopping 37% of all construction injuries, these are your biggest workplace threat. Loose railings, floor holes, wall openings, improper scaffolding—they’re all potential hazards that could cause a fall and result in pain, injury or even death.
  2. Falling objects—Tools dropped from above, unmanned machinery, falling materials, lumber and more are all hazards that could strike you and cause injury.
  3. Electrocution—As most construction sites are a work in progress, it’s not uncommon to find exposed power lines, missing ground and other electrical threats. If you unsuspectingly come in contact with these, it could lead to shock or even electrocution.
  4. Getting trapped between objects—About 3% of all construction accidents involve getting trapped between objects, debris, machinery or other tools.


To avoid these types of all-too-common accidents, always be aware of your surroundings and tread carefully while on a construction site. You never know where hazards might be hiding.


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No matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen. If you or someone you love is hurt on a construction site, call a Texas construction accident attorney at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney. Our team can get you the justice and compensation you deserve.


5 Auto Accident Injuries With Delayed Symptoms

Many people believe that they have managed to escape their recent car accident without injury, but there a number of common auto accident injuries with delayed symptoms that don’t reveal themselves for days, weeks, months, and sometimes years later. If you were recently in a car accident, don’t be too quick to tell insurance adjusters you weren’t injured. Always get fully evaluated by a licensed physician to ensure that you don’t have any delayed-symptom auto accident injuries, such as the five common injuries discussed below.

  • Whiplash –Whiplash is one of the most common car accident injuries, but some victims don’t realize they’ve suffered it until much later, when they start experiencing symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and muscle stiffness.
  • Concussions – Concussions are sometimes hard to detect right away, as their symptoms can come on slowly. They can result in problems such as balance issues, disorientation, difficulty concentrating, ringing in the ears, and migraines.
  • Emotional damage – This is one of the most difficult auto accident injuries to diagnose. Emotional suffering, psychological damage, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can often result after violent car accidents, but they typically don’t present themselves for many months after the crash.
  • Internal bleeding – Internal bleeding isn’t something you’ll be able to see. You may feel aches or pains inside, but there’s no way to know an organ has ruptured or been punctured without getting an X-ray or CAT scan from a licensed physician.
  • Back pain – When soft tissue in the back is injured during a car accident, victims often don’t feel the effects immediately. Instead, over the next few days or weeks they’ll start to feel stiffer, have a decreased range of motion, and have difficulty performing day-to-day tasks.


If you were recently involved in a car accident, be sure to undergo a full medical evaluation to ensure that you’re not suffering from one of these common auto accident injuries that have delayed symptoms. If you do experience any of these injuries or others not listed here, you could be due compensation from the at-fault driver. Contact an attorney at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney to learn more.

5 Tips For Getting The Most From Your Truck Accident Settlement


No accident claim is easy, but truck accident claims are by far the hardest due to the fact that most large trucks are owned by companies or corporations. Because of this, there are teams of corporate lawyers ready to protect their employers when accidents occur, and they will do anything within their power to keep trucking companies from having paying out, even if it means allocating blame on the victim of the wreck. If this happens, the victim can be left with a lower truck accident settlement or none at all, leaving them unable to cover medical bills, car damages, and other expenses. If you want to prevent this from happening to you and ensure that you get the full truck accident settlement you deserve, follow these five tips:

    • Always hire an attorney. An attorney can give you the best chances at success. They’ll know what evidence to gather, what defense tactics to use, and how to make sure you’re not undercut or low-balled by the insurance company. They can also help you take legal action should the insurance company refuse to cooperate.


    • Start gathering evidence as soon as the accident happens. If you’re physically able, gather evidence as soon as the accident occurs. Take notes about your surrounding and the details of the accident, write down names and contact information from nearby witnesses, snap photos of the damage done to your car and the road, and be sure to call a police officer. A police report is the most helpful piece of evidence in a case like this, as it provides a reliable third party evaluation of the wreck; without it, you may have trouble proving your innocence.


    • Let your attorney do the talking. Once you’ve hired an attorney, forgo any conversations with the insurance company, the other driver, or their lawyers, and let your attorney do the talking and handle all communication for you. If you speak to the insurance company, you could end up implicating yourself in the wreck without meaning to, which could drastically decrease the amount of compensation you receive or negate your truck accident settlement altogether. Handing off all communication to your attorney will take some of the pressure off you so that you can relax and work on recovering from the trauma of the accident.


    • Know how much you’re due. Going into your claim, you should be aware of how much you’re rightfully due. Gather all your receipts, bills and itemized documents that detail any medical services, car repairs, and other expenses you may have incurred due to the wreck. Your attorney will use these to tally up how much your truck accident settlement should bring you. If the insurer refuses to pay this amount, your attorney can negotiate on your behalf or help you file a legal claim to help you get the money you need.


  • Be smart. After you’ve been in a truck wreck, it’s important to tread lightly. Don’t post about it on Facebook, Tweet photos of the wreck, or say anything that could put your case in jeopardy. If the other driver’s insurance company or lawyers see such information, it can negatively affect the total truck accident settlement you receive.


If you were recently involved in a truck accident and want to ensure that you get the total truck accident settlement you deserve for your car damages, medical bills and other expenses, contact an attorney at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today. We’ll gather evidence on your behalf, fight for your rights, and make sure the insurance company doesn’t try to undercut you. Call now to get started.

San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer: Handling Wrongful Death Claims

When a loved one dies due to the error or negligence of another person, a wrongful death claim is often the best route to take. While it certainly does not assuage the pain or sadness that a family experiences, it can assist with the financial strains of the death, providing quite a relief during a time of mourning.


As a San Antonio personal injury lawyer, I often handle wrongful death claims for my clients. And while that is not a situation you ever want to be put in, if someone you love dies at the hands of another, I’m here to help. Through a wrongful death claim against the at-fault party, I can help your family seek:


  • Funeral and burial expenses – These can give you the funds you need to bury your loved one and hold a funeral for his or her friends, family, and colleagues to attend.
  • Medical costs – Did you incur medical expenses due to the at-fault party’s actions? Did your loved one receive treatment or surgery before his or her death? You may be able to seek compensation for these costs as well.
  • Lost income – If your loved one contributed income to your household, a wrongful death claim can help you seek any income lost to date, as well as future income.
  • Lost benefits – Was your loved one the policyholder on your health-care benefits? Did he or she have a 401K or pension that you relied on? A wrongful death claim can often seek compensation for these funds as well.


Your family may also be due punitive damages if the at-fault party was particularly negligent or reckless in their actions. These damages are designed to penalize the defendant, and they could amount to thousands and thousands of dollars, depending on the exact situation.


Did your family lose a loved one due to someone else’s error? Whether the death occurred at work, in a car accident, because of a defective product, or due to medical practice, we’re here to help. Contact a San Antonio personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today to discuss your wrongful death claim.


San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney: What Causes Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are more common than you’d think. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were more than 333,000 large truck wrecks in 2012 alone. And sadly, these types of wrecks often lead to serious injury or even death. In fact, a shocking 3,900 people were killed in large truck wrecks and another 104,000 were injured that same year.


As a San Antonio truck accident attorney, I see many cases in which people experience property damage, injuries, or even loss a loved one due to a truck driver’s error. But the exact errors that cause these wrecks can vary greatly.


Like traditional car wrecks, driver drowsiness is often a problem. As a result of their long work hours, truck drivers often operate their vehicles on very little rest, sometimes even falling asleep at the wheel. Some other common causes of truck accidents include:


  • Unsafe driving by the victim – When large trucks are on the road, nearby drivers need to be careful. Truck drivers have lower visibility and a very large turn radius. If you get caught between a truck and a median or you sit in the driver’s blind spot, it could lead to a wreck.
  • Speeding – Speeding is fairly common with all drivers—truck drivers included. Unfortunately, a speeding truck is much more difficult to stop (and it takes longer) than a traditional vehicle. This can make collisions more common and more dangerous.
  • Sharp turns – Because trucks are so long, it can be very hard for drivers to make sharp turns. Often if a turn is taken too fast, it can cause the truck to roll over, thus colliding with any other vehicles or pedestrians in the area.
  • Distracted driving – Eating, drinking, playing with the radio—these are all things that can take a driver’s eyes off the road. When this happens, it can be easy to lose control of the truck, veer off the road, and injure others in the area.


If you were hurt in a truck accident, we can help. Contact a San Antonio truck accident attorney at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today.