4 Benefits of Hiring a Great San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer


Sure, you can handle a car accident on your own, but why would you want to? You have to spend hours on the phone with insurance companies and use “preferred” mechanics, auto shops and doctors, and in the end, you don’t get the service or the funds you actually deserve. You may even end up carrying part of the blame if you’re not careful!


To truly come out on top after a wreck, you should hire an experienced, top-notch San Antonio car accident lawyer. With their help, you:


1. Don’t have to deal with insurance companies and other parties. When you have an attorney, you don’t have to deal with the nitty-gritty details of your accident. Your lawyer will work with the insurance agents, drivers and other parties on your behalf, and will take that hassle off your shoulders from the very beginning.

2. Avoid getting lowballed. An attorney will determine an exact, accurate amount that you’re due. They’ll look at the medical bills you’ve incurred, your vehicle damage and any other expenses that might have resulted from the accident, and they’ll prevent insurers from lowballing you or offering you less than you’re due.

3. Receive more money. Attorneys also know how to get compensation for intangibles such as pain, suffering and even punitive damages. These can give you even more money for your troubles.

4. Don’t foot the blame. When you handle a car accident claim on your own, the insurers will likely try to pin some of the blame on you. Whether it’s saying you were speeding or you had a missing taillight, this could substantially affect your settlement. A San Antonio car accident lawyer can ensure this doesn’t happen.


Next time you or a loved one is involved in a car wreck, don’t go it alone. Contact a San Antonio car accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney, and we’ll make sure you get the justice and money you deserve.


Why Oil Field Accidents Are Common


Oil field accidents are both common and very dangerous. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the oil and gas industry accounted for nearly 16 percent of all on-the-job fatalities in 2012. The number of non-fatal injuries in the industry is also high, with the BLS reporting more than 4,000 workplace injuries in 2007 alone. Oil and gas jobs are dangerous, and oil field accidents are common for several reasons, but they are primarily caused by the machinery and chemicals that workers must constantly be around. Oil and gas extraction requires serious heavy machinery and equipment, and if workers aren’t careful, the machinery can fall over and cause broken bones, head trauma, amputated limbs, or death. There are also tons of toxic chemicals and substances on an oilfield site, many of which are flammable and can lead to explosions, fires, and serious chemical burns. Their toxic fumes can also lead to respiratory problems in workers.


In addition to the things oil field workers must deal with due to the nature of their work, oil field accidents also happen because not all workers are adequately trained. Proper training is extremely important in the oil and gas industry, because when workers don’t know the proper techniques and methods or they’re not taught about safety precautions, it can lead to a dangerous workplace for everyone around. Oil field sites are also often in a state of disrepair, with broken stairs and scaffolding, spills on the ground, and dangerous debris all littering the area. This can create hazards for all workers onsite and lead to avoidable trips, slips and falls that can result in serious injury or death.


Regardless of the cause of the incident, if you or a loved one was involved in an oilfield accident, the Law Offices of Pat Maloney can help. With more than three decades of experience, our attorneys are experts in oil field accidents and can ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.


What a Serious Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do for You

When you’re hurt on the job or in an accident, you might think it’s best to just sit back and let insurance handle it, but in reality, that decision will probably hurt you more than help you. Insurance companies are out to pay as little as they can—whether you’re their customer or not. To ensure you get the results you want after your injury, you need help from someone who will work for you, not against you.


That’s where a serious personal injury lawyer comes in. They only get paid if you succeed, so they’re highly motivated to help you win, get the funds you deserve, and come out on top.


Overall, a serious personal injury lawyer can help you:

  • Seek justice—First and foremost, an attorney can help you receive justice. They’ll make sure the person who caused your injury pays, and they’ll help prevent it from happening again.
  • Ensure your medical bills and fees are covered—They’ll also work to get you as much compensation as possible. They’ll tally up the medical bills and other accident-related expenses you’ve incurred, and they’ll make sure you get every cent back. They can even fight for additional funds for your pain, suffering and other intangible costs.
  • Keep from losing your income—If your injury is preventing you from working, your attorney can make sure your employer doesn’t take action against you through a firing or pay reduction. Your lawyer can also ensure you get compensated for all the income and wages you’ve lost during the course of your injury so that your family and your finances are not negatively affected.


Did you suffer a severe injury? Then you need a serious personal injury lawyer now. Contact the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today so we can start working on your case.


Workplace Injury Claim: 3 Ways to Track Progress

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If you were hurt on the job, getting your workplace injury claim approved and through the system in a timely manner is important so that you can get the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and support your family. Workers’ compensation claims are notoriously slow, and as employers and claims processors delay paperwork, the injured individual is the one who suffers. If you want to track the progress of your claim and ensure that it moves speedily through the process, consider the following methods:1.

  1. Speak to your employers. If your employers are being cooperative, speak to them about the progress of your injury claim. Ask if they’ve filed the Employer’s First Report with their insurance provider, and see if they’ve followed suit with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).
  2.  Check with the insurer. If your employer is not being cooperative or communicative, check directly with their insurance provider to track the progress of your claim. In most cases, you can either go to the insurer’s website and enter the claim number, or contact a company representative and get more details over the phone.
  3.  Get an attorney involved. If talking to your employer or the insurance company isn’t working, involve an outside attorney to help track your workplace injury claim and ensure that it moves quickly through the system. The attorney will work with your employer, their insurer, and the TDI to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve in a timely manner, and they can also help you take legal action in the event that your employer doesn’t carry workers’ compensation insurance.


If you were injured on the job, don’t let your workplace injury claim get delayed. Contact an attorney at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today. We’ll ensure that you get the money you deserve, fast.

The Consequences of a Reckless Driving Accident

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According to the U.S. Census, more than 10 million car accidents occur on U.S. roads every year. Some of these are due to speeding, some are due to drunk driving, and some are due to reckless driving. The term “reckless driving” refers to when a driver operates a vehicle without care, and this can include driving inattentively, improperly, or with disregard for the safety of others on the road. A reckless driving accident can lead to tickets, fines, and jail time for the driver. It can also produce the following consequences:

    • You could be injured – From minor cuts and scratches to broken bones, punctured organs, or paralysis, a reckless driving accident could lead to serious injuries to yourself.


    • You could injure or kill someone else – In addition to hurting yourself, you could also seriously injure or kill other drivers and passengers who are on the road when you are driving recklessly.


    • Your insurance could go up – Any type of accident can cause your insurance premiums to rise exponentially. If the accident causes significant injuries or physical damage, expect even greater increases.


    • You could rack up expensive medical bills – If you or another driver is hurt, you could be responsible for some large medical bills that your insurance may not cover.


  • You could have expensive vehicle repair bills – If your car or the other driver’s car is damaged or totaled, you could have to pay the bill for the repairs or a replacement. You may also have to cover rental car costs while the other driver’s car is in the shop.


If you have caused a reckless driving accident, or if you or a loved one was a victim of one, contact an attorney at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney. You may have grounds for a legal claim and be due compensation for your injuries and property damage. Call for a free consultation today.

Have You Suffered a Serious Workplace Injury?

A serious workplace injury doesn’t just hurt your body; it can threaten your finances, too. Not only do you have all kinds of medical bills and expenses to cover, but you’re unable to work, earn an income and make up for all these added costs while you’re down.


Fortunately, all hope isn’t lost. When you suffer a serious workplace injury, you can take the following action:


1. Contact OSHA—While contacting the Occupational Safety & Health Administration won’t get you the money you need to cover your bills or lost income, it will ensure your workplace is made safer, your employer is penalized and your colleagues don’t suffer the same fate as you. Simply head to OSHA.gov, file a complaint and an OSHA inspector will be assigned to your case shortly.

2. Go through workers’ comp—If your employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, then you can file a claim through their policy. You will likely need to see a preferred doctor for your medical treatment if you go this route, and it may take some time to get the money you’re owed. Additionally, there is also a chance they can deny your claim if they think your injury was the result of negligence or some other fault of your own.

3. Secure a workplace injury lawyer—Your other option is to contact an attorney. They can help ensure you get the workers’ comp funds you deserve or, in the case of a denial (or if your employer doesn’t have workers’ comp), they can file a legal claim on your behalf. This could compensate you for your medical bills, lost income, pain, suffering and more.


Did you or someone you know suffer a serious workplace injury? Then contact the injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today. We can make sure you get the care and compensation you rightfully deserve.


Oil Field Accidents: The Road To Recovery


For victims of oil field accidents, the road to recovery can be long and difficult. Aside from the physical difficulties of healing from their injuries, they may also have to face financial repercussions from the accident as well, from both lost work time and medical bills they incur, which can leave victims and their families in financial ruin.
Were You in an Oil Field Accident?
While nothing but medical care and a good doctor can help you heal properly, there are ways to make your recovery easier. Call an attorney who specializes in oil field accidents like yours. They can help you seek workers’ compensation if your accident occurred on the job, or they can assist you in a filing a legal claim against the at-fault party. Both of these actions can provide you with the funds you need to cover your medical bills and get by financially while you’re unable to work. You attorney will be able to determine if you’re due compensation for:

    • Medical bills you’ve incurred to date, as well as those you expect in the future.


    • Pain, suffering and anguish.


    • Income you’ve lost because of your injury and income you will lose in the future.


    • Disability payments if your accident has caused you permanent disability.


    • Vocational training in the event that you are unable to return to the same job or position you held before the injury.


    • Punitive damages if the accident occurred because of someone else’s negligence or recklessness.


If you want to make your road to recovery easier, contact the Law Offices of Pat Maloney. We specialize in oil field accidents, and we can help make sure that you get the compensation you need to heal from your injuries and keep you and your family out of debt.

What Sort of Serious Injuries From Car Accidents Can Be Compensated?

When you’re in a car accident, you want all of your injuries compensated, from the faintest bruise to a minor muscle sprain. But when you suffer serious injuries from car accidents—injuries that come with long-lasting and lifelong consequences—getting recompense is even more important. These injuries can cost thousands of dollars to diagnose and treat, and in the event of a permanent disability, the costs can continue throughout a victim’s lifetime.


Serious injuries can also affect a victim’s ability to work and earn an income, and this can have a dire impact on their ability to live, pay their medical bills and support their families. That’s why at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney, we make getting serious injuries compensated our number one priority. Here are just a few of the serious accident injuries we’ve seen victims compensated for in the past:


  • Brain injuries—Traumatic brain injuries are all too common in car accidents, and they can have lifelong consequences for the victim, leading to mental and learning disabilities, loss of motor functions and more.
  • Neck injury and whiplash—These might seem like a one-time issue, but whiplash and neck injuries can cause prolonged pain for the victim, sometimes lasting multiple years after the accident.
  • Concussions and skull fractures—Head injuries are common in car accidents, and many times, victims don’t even know they have them! They end up dizzy, nauseous and unable to focus, and the effects may linger for months or even years to come.
  • Internal bleeding—In accidents where glass breaks or a victim is crushed or thrown around the car, internal bleeding often results. This can cause immense pain, organ damage and even death. It usually requires expensive surgery and emergency care to treat, and it can sometimes lead to lifelong physical problems as well.
  • Back and spinal injuries—With these types of injuries, discs are fractured or knocked out of place, nerves are pinched and muscles are torn. Since the back plays a significant role in one’s overall ability to move, walk and physically function, these injuries can have a huge impact on a victim’s life.


If you or someone you love suffered any of these serious injuries from car accidents, don’t sit back and let the insurance companies handle it. Contact an attorney at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney, and we’ll make sure you’re well-compensated for the pain you’ve had to endure.