How to Prevent Typical Car Accident Injuries Involving Drunk Drivers

Preventing typical car accident injuries involving drunk drivers—which run the gamut from minor bruises to mortal wounds—comes down to two ideas: protecting yourself, and protecting the driver from him or herself.

Protect Yourself! Always …

  • Wear your seat belt.
  • Keep a clear distance between you and other cars. In other words, don’t tailgate, and refrain from the temptation to play chicken or give in to road rage.
  • Watch other drivers for erratic behavior such as:
    – Making too-wide turns
    – Overusing the brake pedal
    – Speeding up and slowing down for no reason
    – Weaving in and out of their lane
    – Failing to signal or turn on headlights
  • Stay off secondary roads, especially after midnight on weekends. Use four-lane, divided highways whenever possible. Drunk drivers try to avoid law enforcement by taking lonelier, narrower two-lane back roads. Major highways lessen the risk of side impacts at intersections or head-on collisions with someone who’s drifted across the center line.
  • Slow down and pull over to let a drunk driver pass—never try to pass them—and call the police.

Protect the Driver—And the General Public

Many states now have laws that place some of the blame for typical car accident injuries from a drunk driving accident on the person who provided the alcohol. How can you keep from being “that person” who enabled the drunk driver?

If you’re hosting a party with alcohol:

  • Confiscate every guest’s car key at the door.
  • In each carload, make sure there’s one designated driver.
  • Keep a taxi or car service on speed dial.
  • Stop serving alcohol at least an hour before the party is scheduled to end.
  • Do whatever it takes to keep a drunk guest from driving off in a car. Snag their keys, get a friend to back you up, call a cab, or offer a place to sleep it off.
  • If all else fails, be prepared to call the police. It’s better to risk the friendship than risk the lives of others on the road.

Prevention of typical car accident injuries from drunk drivers is always the best course, but if you wind up involved in a wreck and alcohol was involved, give our experienced accident attorneys a call.

How a Truck Accidents Attorney in San Antonio Can Bolster Your Case

If you’re involved in a truck accident, don’t let stress drive you to pick just any name from the local attorney section of the phone book. You need a qualified truck accidents attorney in San Antonio to represent you in court. Here are just a few reasons why you need someone who:

  • Sweats the details.
    After a truck accident, it makes sense to take photographs of the scene. But what if you couldn’t because of an injury? Or what if you just didn’t know where to aim your camera? You need an experienced attorney who knows how to read law enforcement’s accident reports and interpret photos, from dents to skid marks. One small detail could make the difference in determining which driver is at fault.
  • Knows your rights and responsibilities.
    Even if the fault comes down partially on your side, a truck accidents attorney in San Antonio may still find a way for you to receive some amount of compensation. For example, if it’s decided the responsibility for the accident is split 50/50, that means you can still sue for that portion of the damages.
  • Determines all responsible parties.
    From your perspective, there were only drivers involved in the accident. However, it’s highly possible that other people and entities who weren’t present bear some of the blame. For example, these might include:
    – The employer who scheduled the truck driver for too many hours or failed to properly maintain their vehicles.
    – The government bodies who designed the lighting, traffic signals, road signs, and lane markings.
    – The company that manufactured the truck.
  • Knows when to go to court.
    In some cases, taking your case all the way to a court of law may not be the best option. A good truck accidents attorney in San Antonio will know when to push and when to settle out of court.

Need someone who can navigate the legal system without a GPS? Call one of our truck accidents attorney in San Antonio today.

4 Ways to Vet Your San Antonio Accident Attorney


When you’re involved in a car wreck, retaining a San Antonio accident attorney should be near or at the top of your to-do list.

Trying to choose a good one from the phone book or from a web search can permanently cross your eyes. Here are a few tips to find the right fit.


Find a Specialist

Word of mouth may be a good way to find a trustworthy attorney, but does that lawyer specialize in accident cases? You wouldn’t make an appointment with a dentist to operate on your knee. Likewise, don’t contact an estate lawyer for a case better handled by a San Antonio accident attorney.


The local bar association is probably one of the best places to start looking.


Meet with Your Prospect

Once you’re narrowed your choices down, schedule a time to sit down and evaluate your case. Look for verbal and non-verbal cues to determine if this San Antonio accident attorney is the right one for you.


  • First impressions count. Do you immediately feel comfortable in the waiting area? Is the staff friendly and welcoming? Does the attorney’s personality mesh well with yours, or do you feel an instant dislike – even if you can’t quite put your finger on why? If you feel rushed or uneasy, trust your instinct and move on.
  • Is the attorney easily accessible? Are you given multiple ways to contact him or her, such as office phone, cell phone, email? Are they responsive to email and voicemail?


Check Specialty Associations

San Antonio accident attorneys, in addition to belonging to the local bar association, also tend to gather in professional groups. For example, you may find local members of the National Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.


Read Online Reviews

Though online reviews should be read with a grain or three of salt, reading reviews can reveal a pattern of compliments or complaints that will tell you whether to pick up the phone or steer clear.


If you need a San Antonio accident attorney, schedule a consultation with us today. We’re confident you’ll find we’re a perfect fit for your needs.

How to Ensure the Maximum Truck Accident Settlement.


Your truck accident settlement could be the farthest thing from your mind in the first few days after your accident. However, it’s extremely important to quickly begin doing everything in your power to maximize any settlement that will be due for your pain and suffering.

Use Your Cell Phone

Even non-smart phones usually have some kind of camera function. As soon as possible after the accident, use your phone to snap pictures of the scene, the vehicles involved, the surrounding environment (to document weather conditions, road conditions, traffic lights and signs, possible witnesses). The amount of your final truck accident settlement could depend on your quick action.

Caution: If there’s any possibility your injuries are serious or life-threatening, it’s extremely important not to move until first responders arrive. You’ll have to rely on evidence gathered by police and investigators.

Consider the Future

Though your injuries might appear to be minor, don’t refuse to be transported and don’t miss any future doctor appointments related to your injury. Physical injuries may take time to manifest – particularly head injuries – and continue to plague your quality of life and your ability to earn a living long into the future. Make sure you aren’t settling for a lesser amount just because your treatment for the initial injury has ended.

Injuries Aren’t Always Just Physical

When calculating what you think is fair compensation for a truck accident settlement, don’t forget to take into account pain and suffering that extends to your family and other relationships. Physical injuries can rob you of valuable family time, and the emotional aftermath can affect how you relate to family and friends. Post-traumatic stress can destroy marriages and careers.

Get A Good Truck Accident Lawyer On Your Side

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident is overwhelming enough without the added stress of figuring out what you’re owed and how to proceed in a truck accident settlement. Let our competent, qualified attorneys help. Contact us today!

What to Do If Your Workplace Injury Claim is Denied


From your point of view, the outcome of your workplace injury claim should be a no-brainer. You were at work. You were injured while performing your job duties. It sounds like an open-and-shut case.


Not so fast. Insurers are going to be looking for any tiny loophole they can find to find a reason to deny your workplace injury claim. Here are a few common mistakes that can trip you up:


  • You waited too long to notify your supervisor
    Depending on what state you’re in, you might have as little as four days to tell your supervisor in writing about what happened.
  • You waited too long to file a claim
    Again, depending on what state in which you’re employed, you could have only 30 days or up to 90 days to file a formal workplace injury claim.
  • The company you work for refutes your claim
    Your boss may argue that you’re trying to push the expense of an off-hours injury onto the company, or claim that you must not have been following procedure correctly.
  • You didn’t go to the doctor
    Maybe at the time, the injury didn’t seem severe enough to need a doctor’s attention, but it later became an issue that affected your ability to do your job.


What to Do Now

Once you’ve received a letter denying your workplace injury claim, the best thing to do is not panic. Read the letter several times, to make sure you have all the information you need – particularly if there is a deadline to file an appeal.


Second, make an appointment with your employer or its insurance representative to make sure the denial isn’t due to some simple clerical error or misunderstanding.


Third, take your case to a qualified attorney, who will be familiar with the many processes your workplace injury claim appeal will have to navigate in order to get the outcome and compensation you deserve.


Need advice about your workplace injury claim? Call us for an evaluation.