Spinal Cord Damaged? Call a San Antonio Personal Injury Law Office


Unlike cuts, bruises, or broken bones, a spinal cord injury can be a nightmare for you, as well as a tricky case for a San Antonio personal injury attorney. Not only are such injuries painful, the healing process can be long and frustrating. So long, this can affect your employment—and even whether you’ll ever work again.



Top Causes of Back/Neck Injuries

A San Antonio personal injury attorney sees all kinds of causes for spinal cord injuries, but the most common tend to be:

  • Car, truck, and other motor vehicle accidents (by far the highest percentage)
  • Stumbles and falls
  • Weapons of all kinds, particularly guns
  • Leisure-time activities, such as recreational sports, backyard pools, etc.
  • Repetitive stress from poor ergonomics at work
  • Medical errors


How to Know if You Have a Case

Proof of negligence is necessary to have a chance at winning a personal injury claim. Negligence comes in all forms:

  • A careless act during an otherwise routine surgical procedure
  • A stair railing that should have been repaired before allowing anyone to use it
  • A poorly designed product
  • A damaged curb or sidewalk left in disrepair
  • A walkway not shoveled or salted in a timely manner after a snow storm


How a Defendant May Fight Back

As any experienced San Antonio personal injury attorney knows, the accused is not simply going to meekly pay your spinal cord injury claim.

  • They will say you were equally negligent by failing to read a product’s instructions or heed posted signage. Or that you were drinking at the time the injury occurred.
  • It may be pointed out you were engaging in an inherently risky activity, such as riding a motorcycle or leaping off a bridge with bungee cords tied to your feet.


Get the Best on Your Side. Pat Maloney San Antonio Law Offices.

If you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury due to someone else’s negligence, get a good San Antonio personal injury attorney on your side. Call the Law Offices of Pat Maloney.

6 Winning Tips from a San Antonio Auto Accident Attorney

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Any good San Antonio auto accident attorney will tell you that the key to a successful personal injury claim is attention to detail. When you’re in pain or in the middle of the chaos following an accident, the last thing you may be thinking about is gathering evidence. But if you think about these six tips and understand them, when the time comes, these small details could make all the difference.



What follows are six tips from a San Antonio car accident lawyer that will help you win a personal injury claim.


Don’t Overlook Anything

1. If you’re able, use your phone (or keep a camera in your glove compartment) to snap pictures of the accident scene as soon as possible. The time/date stamp on the photographs will establish the time of day. The photographs themselves will establish the weather, condition of the roadway (or whatever surface the accident occurred), lighting or lack thereof, other people involved, license plate numbers, roadway markings, signals, and signage. You can also take video with your cell phone. In short, document everything, including your injuries.


2. While the events of the day are still fresh, write down everything you remember, including if the other party said anything that could prove useful such as apologies or admitting fault.


3. If you notice people nearby, ask if they witnessed the incident and if they would be willing to make an official statement. With their permission, also consider videotaping what they have to say with your phone. Get their information so they can be contacted later if needed.


See a Doctor

4. Whether you were transported to the ER or walked away from the scene, make an appointment with your family doctor as soon as possible. Make sure it’s an M.D. and not an alternative-medicine type of practitioner. (Not that we don’t think alternative medicine is useful, but the court may have a different view.)


5. Follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter. Keep a written daily diary of symptoms, treatments, and therapies.


6. Ask for copies of all medical records and reports.


Get an Attorney

Finally—actually, sooner than finally—hire a competent San Antonio auto accident attorney. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney are ready to guide you and your case through the system to ultimate success.

Fight Back with a Work-Related Injury Attorney, Pat Maloney San Antonio Law Offices.

Do you have a good relationship with your employer? Good for you. But when you get hurt on the job, you’d best hire a work-related injury attorney, because there’s no guarantee your loyalty to the company will be reciprocated. Once you file a legitimate claim, the insurance company takes over—and it gets down to the business of getting away with paying as little as possible for your compensation.

They’re very good at it. But with the right work-related injury attorney, you can fight back.

Report the Incident

One of the first questions a work-related injury attorney may ask you is if you formally reported the incident to your employer. Hopefully you kept a copy of all written communications (forms, emails, etc.) and made a note of any in-person or phone conversations regarding the incident.

One of the biggest mistakes many victims make is taking a wait-and-see approach, hoping the injury or illness is minor and will go away. No harm, no foul. By the time you realize you have a serious issue (deadlines can sometimes be as little as 24 hours), your employer can all too easily deny that your injury occurred at work and refuse to pay for medical treatment or compensation for lost wages.

Provide Witnesses

Next, your work-related injury attorney may ask if any of your co-workers witnessed the incident that caused your injury. Witnesses are your best insurance against your employer claiming the accident never happened, or that it didn’t happen during work hours.

Sweat the Details

Your work-related injury attorney will want to know every detail of the incident. Did it take place during your lunch break? If you left company property to eat instead of dining in the employee break room, the company may not be required to provide compensation. An injury incurred during a work-sponsored event, however, means your employer is responsible for providing benefits even if the event wasn’t on company property.

Were you injured at work? Let us help guide you through the complicated process of getting proper compensation. Contact us today.

What to Do After an Auto Accident

Even if you’ve thought about what to do after an auto accident, all your best intentions can fly out the window in the crisis of the moment. In the event the worst happens, it’s a good idea to keep a written list in your wallet, in your car, and on your phone for quick access.

And every once in a while—maybe when you change out your insurance cards or clean out old receipts—pull out the list and look it over. Read it out loud to cement the details into your memory. Mentally picture yourself working through each step and checking it off.

    1. Take a deep breath and assess yourself for any possible injuries before you move.


    2. Don’t leave the scene. Driving or walking away for any reason could result in you being charged with a hit-and-run.


    3. If you can, pull out of flowing traffic to the side of the road. If not, leave the car right where it is.


    4. If your car is too damaged to move, leave it where it is and wait for first responders to arrive.


    5. Exchange information with the other driver or drivers. Don’t discuss the accident or speculate who was at fault. Never say, “I think it was my fault,” even if you think it was. Let the professionals determine who made the mistake.


    6. Use your phone to snap pictures of the scene, but don’t get in the way of the first responders. Ask any bystanders if they witnessed the accident, and direct them to the responding officer.


    7. Call your car insurance company to let them know what happened. Tell them the facts as truthfully as you know them, and inform them of any medical treatment you received as a result of the accident. Keep receipts from your doctor visits, medications, and therapies in a file folder.


    8. One of the most important steps of what to do after an auto accident is to get at least two independent car repair estimates to compare with the insurance company’s numbers, and don’t take the first settlement you’re offered. Don’t hesitate to secure a San Antonio accident attorney to represent your interests.

Never get caught not knowing what to do after an auto accident. Give us a call to ensure the best outcome for you.

4 Pieces of Advice From One of the Best Lawyers in San Antonio


If you could have one of the best lawyers in San Antonio at your side at all times, you’d have the perfect ally in the event of an accident. Not only to hold your hand, but to tell you what and what not to do after an incident, even before the adrenaline has exited your system.

But since that’s not physically possible, it may not be a bad idea to keep this bullet-point action list in your wallet and in your vehicle for reference in case of an emergency.

#1 Don’t Neglect Your Health

Even if you don’t think the incident resulted in an injury, don’t delay making an appointment to get checked out by your own doctor. Some minor or hidden injuries can escalate into a real, life-threatening problem if left untreated.

#2 Don’t Say Anything Unnecessary

In the adrenaline rush that often occurs after an accident (yes, even fear—or relief—can cause it), it can be extremely difficult to be careful about what you say and to whom you say it. You are under no obligation to exchange anything more than the most basic information with the other party or parties involved. When law enforcement asks you a question, resist the urge to embellish or complicate an otherwise simple answer with asides and additional explanations that don’t do anything but confuse the issue—and maybe point the whose-fault-is-it finger at you.

#3 Don’t Let Down Your Guard with an Insurance Company

While it will be necessary to communicate with insurance company representatives to successfully claim any damages due to you, be very careful about how much information you share. One of the best lawyers in San Antonio can be a valuable asset to have on your side before you answer their questions.

#4 Don’t Sign Anything

Sign nothing—forms, statements, or the back of checks offered to you by an insurance company—without fully understanding exactly what you’re signing. Again, a San Antonio injury attorney can keep you from making a costly mistake.

Chances are the other party or parties already have an attorney working on their behalf. Make sure you aren’t being railroaded by hiring one of the best lawyers in San Antonio! Contact us today.