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Month: August 2017

2 Things You Need to Know About Injury Settlements

August 30, 2017 | Personal Injury Claims

“Settling out of court” is usually the preferred outcome for personal injury settlements. In fact, about 95 percent of all personal injury cases are settled before they go to trial. It’s no wonder: it saves everyone involved time, money, and — often most important — stress. There’s something to be said for just putting the…

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3 Things You Need to Tell Your Truck Accident Lawyer

August 23, 2017 | Auto Accidents

When you sit down with your San Antonio truck accident lawyer to discuss your case, it’s not unlike a doctor’s appointment. Small details matter, and if you fail (or forget) to share every symptom with your doctor — no matter how insignificant or unrelated it seems — they can’t prescribe effective treatment. The same applies…

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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Third-Party Insurance Policies

August 9, 2017 | Personal Injury Claims

Third-party insurance policies are something few people think about. It’s something you’ll be grateful to have — or wish you had — when something happens and you understand why they’re necessary.   Most of us are familiar with what is termed “first-party” insurance. It’s purchased by an individual or a business entity to protect against…

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