Are You Looking for Smart Legal Strategies? A San Antonio Workplace Injury Lawyer Can Help

The biggest mistake you can make after getting hurt on the job? Failing to hire a San Antonio workplace injury lawyer right away. Maybe you can trust that your employer will do right by you and help you get treated and back on the job without putting up a fight. The truth is, however, once the insurance company gets involved, decisions may be out of your employer’s hands.


Here are a few reasons consulting a San Antonio work injury lawyer as soon as possible is the smartest legal strategy to protect yourself, your family, and your long-term career.


You Might Learn You Don’t Need a Lawyer

In some cases, the situation is pretty much cut-and-dried. An insurance company probably won’t argue against fair compensation if:


  • There’s no dispute that the injury happened while performing your job.
  • Your treatment was uncomplicated and recovery uneventful.
  • You went back to work soon after the injury with no ill effects.
  • The incident didn’t result in disability, short- or long-term.

Finding out you don’t need a lawyer gives you peace of mind and in virtually all instances, doesn’t cost you a dime for the initial consultation.


If You Do Need a Lawyer, the Sooner the Better

During your initial consultation, an experienced San Antonio workplace injury lawyer will know the red flags to look for that indicate your road to recovery could be bumpy without proper representation:


  • Your initial workers’ compensation claim was denied because the insurance company claims the injury wasn’t work related or you missed a filing deadline. In any case, denial means you’re facing a long, complicated appeals process, right around the time you need to be focused on recovery.
  • You’re facing roadblocks to gaining access to proper treatment. If this is the case, it’s time to get a lawyer, especially if you have a pre-existing condition.
  • Your claim of permanent disability is denied. There are so many factors that figure into this decision, it’s critical to have an experienced San Antonio workplace injury lawyer at your side to help you navigate the maze of regulations and requirements.



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4 Essential Things You Need to Know About Construction Accidents

If you work construction, accidents are more likely to happen than if you worked an office job (though of course, accidents happen there too).

On a job site, just being extra careful isn’t enough. Specific training in workplace safety is essential to preventing construction accidents in the first place. These most common “fatal four” are the types of accidents you aren’t likely to encounter in other, unrelated industries:


  1. Falling
    Job sites are fraught with opportunities to trip and fall. Uneven, slippery surfaces are the most likely culprit, but sometimes the very devices that are there for your safety could be at fault, such as improperly constructed scaffolding, faulty or worn safety harnesses, ladders that aren’t securely anchored, etc.


  1. Moving objects
    Such “moving objects” could include a tool dropped from an overhead platform or scaffold, a stray nail or staple ejected from a pneumatic tool, collapsed masonry, or even a vehicle whose driver didn’t properly set an emergency brake or take proper care in driving through a work area.


  1. Electrocution
    Power lines are always one of the biggest concerns when seeking to prevent construction accidents, because this type of hazard can be hanging overhead or hiding underground. In addition, tools that require electricity must be properly grounded, or anyone in the immediate vicinity is at risk.


  1. Crushed between objects
    These types of construction accidents are the definition of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This category includes getting caught under unsecured heavy machinery, unstable piles of materials such as gravel, and deep trench cave-ins.


Serious Injuries Need Serious Attention

Construction accidents often result in serious injuries such as concussion, limbs that require amputation, blindness, deafness, paralysis, permanent scarring, and death. Survivors often find that their ability to make a living in the future is impacted. That’s why it’s important to keep all your records in order and consult an attorney as soon as possible after construction accidents.



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3 Secrets of Workers Compensation Settlements

It’s no secret that it’s not always easy to get workers compensation settlements. Some cases are open-and-shut. Some employers’ insurance companies don’t fight you every step of the way. But even when everything goes smoothly, you may still have some surprises in store.



Every Part of Your Case Has Value

It might surprise you to know that every detail factors into how much is paid out in workers compensation settlements. This includes:



  • Whether your disability is partial or total, temporary or permanent.
  • How much time you have lost from work, day by day, hour by hour.
  • The sum total of all your related medical bills, which means it’s critical to keep track of all your paperwork.
  • Whether you’re willing to accept a lump-sum settlement or structured payments.
  • Pain and suffering, for yourself and your family.


Settlements Aren’t Simple

Getting workers compensation settlements isn’t as simple as saying “okay” and getting a check. There are many factors to consider, such as:



  • You don’t have to accept the first amount offered to you, but consider this: If negotiations fail and you proceed to litigation, there’s a chance the judge won’t see things your way and you’ll wind up with nothing.
  • One of the stipulations of accepting working compensation settlements is often giving up the right to seek further compensation for the same injury later, if the symptoms linger.
  • If you’re deep into the process and are worried that your employer hasn’t offered any kind of a settlement at all, it may not be because they’re hedging their bets or digging in their heels. Depending on what state you’re in, there may be regulations that stipulate exactly when a settlement can be offered, and you simply haven’t reached that point yet.


Once It’s Done, It Can’t Be Undone

As mentioned above, once all parties involved agree on workers compensation settlements and have signed on the dotted line, you can’t come back later and ask for additional money, even if you need more treatment for the same injury.


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Qualities of the Best San Antonio Work Injury Lawyer

It can be tough to find the best San Antonio work injury lawyer. On the outside, they all look much the same: professionally dressed, framed certificates on their office walls, and well versed in what some may call “lawyerspeak.”

By the time you’re waiting fruitlessly for your fifth returned call and you figure out you’re little more than a number, it could be too late to switch to a more amenable attorney.



Dedication to Their Profession

College degrees and a passing score on the bar exam is only the first step in a career that should be devoted to professional development at every level. Don’t be afraid to examine those framed certificates and ask questions such as:


  • What did you major in for your undergraduate degree?
    Contrary to what you might assume, not all lawyers spring from the political science bachelor’s degree pipeline. The best San Antonio work injury lawyer may have received a bachelor’s degree in almost anything: English, pre-med, the sciences, the arts, or wherever their interest lies.
  • How many work injury cases have you handled?
    Say you need a knee replacement. Do you want a surgeon who’s only picked up a scalpel once before? Or one who has hundreds of procedures under their belt and before that, learned at the elbow of an experienced mentor?
  • What do you like to do outside of work?
    This isn’t a dumb question. You know the saying “all work and no play”? A burned-out lawyer is an ineffective lawyer. One who takes time to “refill the well” and return to work refreshed is the one you want on your team.


Multifaceted Knowledge

The best San Antonio work injury lawyer not only knows how to meet every deadline, cross every T, and dot every I, but they are also skilled negotiators and know the value of your case. In other words, they know how different factors will impact your settlement. These include:


  • How serious your injuries are and how severely you’re physically limited.
  • Your work and salary history.
  • The costs of your past, current, and probable future medical treatment.


Got a question to ask the best San Antonio work injury lawyer? Start with us.