3 Reasons Why You Did Not Get a Medical Claim Settlement

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Medicine is expensive. Most cannot afford medical care out of pocket. So, our medical system depends on insurance to help pay the bill. Insurance companies, despite their ads, are for-profit companies who do not want to spend a cent more than their policies dictate. This is their nature. This is how they make money. It is to their advantage and patients are poised to benefit least.

As such, many find they do not get the settlements they need. Here are three reasons why you did not get a medical claim settlement.


Not Having Enough or Correct Documents


Keep every related document you receive regarding your medical experience. If everyone did so, a large number of settlements would not have the chance to be denied. Keeping all your documents in order is a “help them help you” scenario. Insurance adjusters are mandated to provide justification for every penny they dole out. If you have all of your receipts and documents in order, adjusters will have more reasons to say yes than no.


Items to have on hand include receipts, medical bills, invoices, past pay stubs for lost work, police records and doctor reports if required.


Moving Too Quick … or Far Too Slow


As businesses, insurance companies try to settle claims quickly and cheaply. Though you might have gotten a settlement, you likely did not get a fair medical claim settlement and you risk out of pocket expenses from unforeseen symptoms.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, most states have a set time window in which you can make a claim. The time frame varies from days to years depending on location. Hiring local legal help when you’re unsure on filing claims is your safest option for navigating the medical claim landscape.


Signing Medical Releases to Another’s Insurance Company


If your own insurance company needs specific medical information to process your bills according to your policy, go ahead.


If an at fault individual’s insurance is pushing you to sign medical releases, do not touch a pen. Often, they will try to use your medical history to mitigate or negate your claim entirely.


When in doubt at any stage of a medical claim settlement, please reach out to a lawyer who specializes in claims. The attorneys at Pat Maloney know how to work with insurance companies and have a success record to prove it. If you need help, call today!


Hire a Serious Personal Injury Lawyer – Pat Maloney

Debilitating injuries shatter lifestyles. The pain that comes with injury also comes with legal demands. When daily living is capitalized by discomfort, knowing that you hired a serious personal injury lawyer at Pat Maloney is a beacon of comfort. After being injured, your job needs to be on healing and getting back to normal life. Court cases, settlements and claims do not fit that job description.


The Attorneys at the law offices of Pat Maloney are serious personal injury lawyers and here is what you can expect when you hire them.


Honest, Prompt and Clear Communication

You deserve to know what is happening at each stage of your case. Our lawyers will not dance around the details.


First, they will sit with you to evaluate your medical bills, quality of life and pain endured to determine your case’s worth.


Then, you will get updates on crucial stages throughout your case till the end, but, most importantly, our lawyers will be there for you whenever needed and however needed.


Full Spectrum Service from the Start

A serious personal injury lawyer knows that the doing a job is only worth working if it is done right. Our lawyers cater to you throughout the whole legal process. There is no other “discount” package around. Every case takes a different route, so, should you need it, here is what you can expect from us:

  • All necessary paperwork filled and filed, we will navigate the legal landscape for you.
  • Evidence collection, we will gather everything you need.
  • Witness testimony organization, we will record and organize statements.
  • Personal statement preparation, you will know what to say.
  • Negotiations, we will work to ensure insurance companies do not short change you.
  • Representation in court, should you go to court – we will be there with you.
  • Distribution of your settlement after a successful case, we will organize distribution for any injury related expenses you have.

Continued Support Beyond the Finish

At Pat Maloney, we work for people with names and faces, not clients and cases. Though we hope no further injuries of pain occur, we are dedicated to the individuals we serve and will continue to take up your cause for you, because, that is simply what a serious injury lawyer does.


If you have an injury and need help with your case, we would be happy to serve you. Call today.


Tips on How to Get a Car Wreck Settlement in San Antonio


Car accidents occur by the thousands nationwide, every day. Almost every one of them comes with insurance claims and possible legal action. However, each location deals with insurance and legal claims differently, including San Antonio. Though many steps are similar, knowing these tips about how to get a car wreck settlement in San Antonio will boost your chances of success.

Tip One: Document Everything


Facts are your friends. After taking care of any emergency situation, make sure to gather the following information:


  • Contact and Insurance information of everyone involved. Get pictures if you can
  • Photos of the scene
  • License plate and vehicle identification numbers
  • Contact information of any and all witnesses
  • Recordings of what happened from witnesses if possible
  • The reporting police officer’s contact and badge information


Tip Two: Remember to be Timely


Time plays an important role when processing a car wreck settlement in San Antonio. Three important time frames to remember are 10 days, 15 days and 2 years.


10 days is how long you have to report an accident to report an accident to TxDot if a police officer was not present and serious injury, death or car damages cost over 1000 dollars. This normally occurs when accident participants did not originally anticipate high repair costs.


15 days is how long insurance companies have to approve or deny your claim. Some may try to push you to a decision prematurely to save money and others may attempt to drag your case out. Once your claim has been approved, insurance companies in San Antonio have 5 days to fulfill it.


2 years is your window from an accident to take legal action. Should you have on going medical expenses, lost wages or pain and suffering from your accident that have not been properly reimbursed, San Antonio will honor your claim for 2 years.


Tip Three: Know who to call for help


Securing a car wreck settlement in San Antonio is generally straight forward, but, if you are being pushed by insurance companies or have not been fairly treated, it is time to call for help. Choose a local accident attorney who knows San Antonio laws and how to get you what you deserve.


The attorneys at Pat Maloney specialize in car wreck settlements and have a record of getting clients the settlements they need. Give them a call. They know how to help.

The 3 Crucial Steps to Follow When Searching for a San Antonio Car Wreck Attorney

One screech and one second is everything needed find yourself at the epicenter of a car crash on I-10 in downtown San Antonio. Finding a local attorney to receive restitution after an accident will make a difference. Finding the right San Antonio car wreck attorney will make all the difference. Here are the three crucial steps you can follow to find the right local help for you.


Step One: Stay Local – Stay Specialized

Laws change from between each state and each city. When starting your search, keep your scope to San Antonio. You may know a great lawyer across the country, but local law firms need to be your first contacts.


However, just staying local is not enough. The State Bar of Texas recognizes 22 different certifications. Make sure your attorney is certified for your case.  The Texas Bar website is a great resource for finding information on local, specialized attorneys.


Step Two: Do your History Homework

Identifying a specialized San Antonio car wreck attorney is great. Now, it is time to do a little digging. Case and courtroom success speaks louder than any advertisement you have seen since beginning your search. High performing lawyers will have awards and share evidence of their success.


Try looking for cases that match your situation and check the results. When you find a lawyer or two that have performed well with cases like yours, move to step three.


Step Three: Interview your Prospects

When searching for an outstanding San Antonio car wreck attorney, their willingness to physically sit down with you, listen to your case and help you weigh your options is crucial. Most attorneys will give you a free thirty-minute consultation to help you determine a fit.


Here are some essential questions for your interviews:


  • How many people will be working on my case?
  • What percent of your practice is devoted to car wreck cases? (The higher, the better)
  • How do I contact you? Can I contact you directly by phone?
  • Will I be required to cover your costs if there is no recovery? (You should get a “no.”)


Remember, your attorney is working for you. The interview should reflect that.


The attorneys at Pat Maloney specialize in car wrecks throughout San Antonio and have an outstanding history of creating results with their clients first in mind. Call today to set up your interview and get the results you need.


Oil Rig Injury — Hire an Expert to Represent You

Oil rig technology and regulations have come a long way since the early days of offshore drilling, but oil rig injury accidents are still all too common. Human error is most often the biggest contributing factor. Those errors aren’t limited to those of the workers on the platform. The roots of an oil rig injury can often be traced to humans back on land.

That’s why hiring an attorney well versed in oil rig rules and regulations is critical. An experienced attorney is your best chance to trace the cause of an accident back to the source.

What are some of the most likely conditions to result in an oil rig injury?

  • Transport to and from the rig
    Offshore oil rigs, by definition, are in deep-water areas known for strong currents, high waves, and extreme weather. An oil rig injury often occurs when workers are being transferred to or from shore, and their boats and helicopters run afoul of these unpredictable conditions. Injuries can range from simple sprains to death.
  • Improper or inadequate training
    Workers who have not been thoroughly trained in safety procedures can put other crew members at risk from falling objects, poorly secured safety lines, spilled substances, and more.
  • Fatigue and emotional factors
    Crew members who have not been scheduled enough hours off to rest are at higher risk of oil rig injury. In addition, not enough attention is paid to the emotional and psychological stress of spending long periods of time on the rig, away from home and family and among crew members with whom there may be personality conflicts.
  • Faulty equipment
    Poor-quality tools, machinery, and containers can lead to myriad oil rig injury accidents, including fires, explosions, slips and falls, broken bones, and even amputation and death. Accidents like these aren’t always the fault of the workers themselves, and it takes the fact-finding skills of an experienced attorney to dig for the truth — and place the liability where it belongs.

As a Texas-based law-firm, Pat Maloney’s oil rig injury attorneys have the training and experience to represent your best interests. Contact us today.