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The 3 Crucial Steps to Follow When Searching for a San Antonio Car Wreck Attorney

November 8, 2017 | Auto Accidents

One screech and one second is everything needed find yourself at the epicenter of a car crash on I-10 in downtown San Antonio. Finding a local attorney to receive restitution after an accident will make a difference. Finding the right San Antonio car wreck attorney will make all the difference. Here are the three crucial steps you can follow to find the right local help for you.

Step One: Stay Local – Stay Specialized

Laws change from between each state and each city. When starting your search, keep your scope to San Antonio. You may know a great lawyer across the country, but local law firms need to be your first contacts.

However, just staying local is not enough. The State Bar of Texas recognizes 22 different certifications. Make sure your attorney is certified for your case.  The Texas Bar website is a great resource for finding information on local, specialized attorneys.

Step Two: Do your History Homework

Identifying a specialized San Antonio car wreck attorney is great. Now, it is time to do a little digging. Case and courtroom success speaks louder than any advertisement you have seen since beginning your search. High performing lawyers will have awards and share evidence of their success.

Try looking for cases that match your situation and check the results. When you find a lawyer or two that have performed well with cases like yours, move to step three.

Step Three: Interview your Prospects

When searching for an outstanding San Antonio car wreck attorney, their willingness to physically sit down with you, listen to your case and help you weigh your options is crucial. Most attorneys will give you a free thirty-minute consultation to help you determine a fit.

Here are some essential questions for your interviews:

  • How many people will be working on my case?
  • What percent of your practice is devoted to car wreck cases? (The higher, the better)
  • How do I contact you? Can I contact you directly by phone?
  • Will I be required to cover your costs if there is no recovery? (You should get a “no.”)

Remember, your attorney is working for you. The interview should reflect that.

The San Antonio car wreck attorneys at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney specialize in car wrecks throughout San Antonio and have an outstanding history of creating results with their clients first in mind. Call today to set up your interview and get the results you need.