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What Are the 5 Most Typical Car Accident Injuries?

August 25, 2015 | Auto Accidents

It’s not surprising that car accidents often result in injuries. These injuries range from minor cuts, scrapes and bruises to life-changing, forever-altering physical harm that debilitates and paralyzes. But what are the most typical car accident injuries? And which ones are you more likely to suffer from if you’re ever in a wreck?

Here are the five most common injuries we see:

1. Tissue injuries—Injuries to soft tissues like muscles, tendons and ligaments are often suffered in car wrecks. Whiplash, which occurs when the ligaments between the head and neck are stretched, is one such injury, and it is probably the most common car accident injury of all.

2. Head and brain injuries—Unfortunately, brain and head injuries are quite common in car accidents, too. These can include concussions, which victims recover from in a few days, to traumatic brain injuries, which can affect the person’s cognitive and physical functions forever.

3. Spinal and back injuries—Injuries to the back and spine are also quite common. Often, the sheer force of the crash can cause ruptured, slipped or broken discs, and these sometimes injure the spinal cord in the process. This can lead to paralysis and other serious side effects.

4. Chest injuries—Broken ribs, punctured lungs and simple cuts and bruises are just a few of the common chest injuries we see after a car wreck. This is often caused by the driver hitting the steering wheel or air bag or because of a tightened seat belt at the time of the crash.

5. Injuries to the extremities—Victims also commonly suffer arm and leg injuries in car accidents, particularly if the vehicle flips, rolls or is pinned down in some way. It’s not unusual for knee injuries to occur either, since the knees often hit the steering wheel or dashboard during the course of the wreck.

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