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5 Ways to Prevent Oil Field Accidents

January 20, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

The oil and gas industry is one of the most dangerous sectors in the country. Oil field accidents result in hundreds of serious injuries and dozens of fatalities every year, and the numbers only continue to grow. In Texas, the statistics are even worse. A whopping 40% of the nation’s oil field deaths occur in the Lone Star State alone. That’s 40%! Because of the high rate of injury, death, and on-the-job accidents, accident prevention needs to be of the highest priority for oil and gas employers.

Accident Prevention Oil & Gas Industry

Accident prevention steps must be taken not only to protect their employees, but also to prevent expensive litigation, disability, and workers’ compensation claims.

Accident Prevention Tips

Do you want to prevent accidents and injuries on your team’s work site? Then follow these five tips:

1. Have a training program in place.

Create a training manual and set up a training program that all employees must go through before setting foot on the field. The training should cover everything from how to store tools and machinery to the proper responses to fires, falls, and other emergencies.

2. Keep the field clean and clear.

When tools are lying around or puddles of liquid are not cleaned up, it can pose a hazard for any and all workers in the area. Assign someone to do an hourly walk through of the entire field to ensure it is safe and hazard-free.

3. Check your tools and facilities regularly.

Malfunctioning tools, loose railings, and other areas of disrepair can put your employees at risk. Make sure to check all your tools, machinery, and facilities regularly to ensure they are safe for use.

4. Push OSHA guidelines.

OSHA has set forth tons of guidelines on how to stay safe and prevent injury in the workplace. They even have guidelines that are specific to the oil and gas industry. Make sure your employees have access to this information by handing out copies of the guidelines or posting OSHA signs on the walls in break rooms and other areas in your facility.

5. Encourage safety communication.

Make sure your employees aren’t afraid to speak up if they see a problem. They should be able to tell you or the site manager if there are safety issues looming, whether they stem from a colleague, an unsafe area of the field, or some other problem. This will ensure that workers and supervisors can attend to problems quickly and prevent injuries from happening.

Although these tips can certainly help, oil field accidents may still happen. If an accident occurs on your watch, contact the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today. Our expert attorneys can help.