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The 7 Most Common FAQ at Truck Accident Law Firms

August 4, 2015 | Auto Accidents,Trucking Accidents

As one of the premier truck accident law firms in San Antonio, we see a lot of clients come through our doors. Though every case is unique, many clients have the same basic concerns and questions regarding their situation.

Some of the most common questions we receive include:

1. Do I absolutely need a lawyer? You don’t have to hire a lawyer, but you really should. In the event of a truck accident, there are typically big corporations, lawyers and insurance companies involved. Those parties may try to pin the blame on you, in order to avoid paying anything they owe. In the end, it can mean a significant financial loss – even if you’re the victim. By hiring a lawyer to represent you, you stand a fighting chance of getting the money you deserve. You should call some of the truck accident law firms in your area.

2. How does a truck accident differ from a car accident? Truck accidents are very different from car accidents. Car accidents are typically handled through the drivers and their respective insurance companies, which is usually a quick and easy process. A truck accident, on the other hand, can involve employers, corporations, lawyers, insurance adjusters, worker’s comp people and all kinds of other parties. It can make getting compensation much more difficult, and can cause the entire situation to be all the more complicated and difficult to traverse. Additionally, truck accidents typically cause much more damage than ones involving cars, simply due to the weight and size of the trucks.

3. What should I do after I’ve been hit by a truck? First, you should call the police. A police report is one of the biggest pieces of evidence you can have in a truck accident case, and it can help you get the compensation you’ll need later on. Then, you should call one of your city’s truck accident law firms and enlist the help of an experienced attorney. They can guide you throughout the rest of the process.

4. Who can I sue in a truck accident? Truck accidents can be very complex, especially if you opt to take legal action. The driver may be one of the parties to blame, but there could also be any number of other parties at fault as well. This could include the driver’s employer (the trucking company), the truck’s manufacturer, the auto shop that serviced the vehicle, the employee that loaded it and many, many more.

5. The driver’s insurance company wants a recorded statement. Should I give one? You should never give a recorded statement without first talking to a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to guide you, so that you don’t implicate yourself in your statement. Without good legal advice, you could end up admitting fault during your statement, which may result in you being held liable for the accident – and all the expenses that come with it.

6. Will I be compensated? A truck accident can lead to serious repercussions, including physical, emotional, financial and work-related damages. If you’re the victim, you’re entitled to compensation. Common damages sought by truck accident victims include medical bills, car damage, pain, suffering, permanent disability, lost wages and income, decreased quality of life and much more.

7. Could I be held responsible? Even if you weren’t at fault in the accident, there’s still a chance that you could be to blame, at least partially. If you admit fault or made some error on your part, insurance companies may refuse to pay, and you could be stuck covering the expenses yourself. Additionally, if you’re found to have only a percentage of fault, it could decrease the amount of compensation you can seek from the other driver.

Were you recently involved in a truck accident in San Antonio? Then you could be due compensation. Contact the Law Offices of Pat Maloney, one of the top truck accident law firms in the state to learn more.