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4 Tips for Driving on Icy Roads in San Antonio

September 1, 2015 | Auto Accidents

Although winter’s a few months away, it’s never too early to be prepared for inclement weather. Before you know it, the leaves will be falling, and not long after that, there may be sleet and even ice on the road. Sadly, as car accident attorneys in San Antonio, we’ve seen these cold weather conditions lead to many wrecks. Drivers in our warm-weathered state simply aren’t used to these slick roadways, and it can be easy to get off track, slip, slide and endanger others while behind the wheel.

That’s why, as weather conditions change, it’s important to know how to adapt your driving habits accordingly. To drive even more safely this winter so you can avoid a dangerous wreck, follow these four tips:

1. Drive slowly. You can’t travel on ice at the same speed as a dry roadway, and stopping is a much more labored and slow process. When driving on icy roads, always reduce your speed significantly, and make sure you allot plenty of time to get from point A to point B.

2. Make sure the windows are clear, deiced and defogged. Never drive with partially iced-over or foggy windows. You need the most visibility possible to drive safely and to prepare properly for oncoming hazards.

3. Don’t tailgate. Stopping on ice requires a lot of time and distance. You can’t just stop on a dime like you can in warmer weather. To avoid rear ending someone (or being rear ended yourself), leave at least 10 seconds of space between the cars in front of you and behind you.

4. Avoid bridges and overpasses. When at all possible, avoid bridges and overpasses during icy weather. Because these don’t have the warmth of the ground underneath them, they tend to be much icier and more dangerous than other areas of the road. You could even find yourself sliding backward on a particularly steep slope.

In addition, if you’re uncertain about driving during inclement weather, you can always use public transportation or contact a loved one for a ride. In the event you find yourself in an icy road accident, be sure to contact our San Antonio car accident attorneys residents have relied on our expertise for decades, and we can help you, too.