Suffering from Head Trauma? A San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

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Just because your accident didn’t result in you lying unconscious in bed for weeks or months doesn’t necessarily mean you haven’t suffered a serious head injury. That’s why you need a San Antonio personal injury lawyer who is up to speed on all the latest research into the symptoms and treatment of traumatic brain injuries.




Outward Signs of Possible Brain Injury

A medical diagnosis of any degree of brain injury can be difficult, particularly if the patient has a pre-existing condition that might mask the symptoms of mild impairment.


Here are some of the signs first responders and doctors look for that indicate they could be dealing with head trauma:


  • Bleeding scalp wounds
  • Facial fractures, open or closed
  • Facial bruising
  • Loss of consciousness for any length of time
  • Nasal discharge, whether bloody or clear
  • Stiffness in the cervical spine


Timely documentation (written and images) are critical not only for diagnosis and treatment, but to provide a solid foundation on which a San Antonio personal injury lawyer can build your case.


Subtler Symptoms to Watch for

Some symptoms of brain injury can be deceptively mild and too easily brushed off. The symptom may depend on which of the brain’s six main regions are affected. Symptoms may include, but are not limited to:


Frontal lobe (forehead/crown)

  • Inability to perform a common, multi-step task in sequence
  • Fixation on a single thought or idea
  • Mood swings
  • Sudden onset of ADD-like behavior
  • Unable to come up with the words to complete a sentence


Parietal lobe (sides)

  • Difficulty reading or writing
  • Can’t tell left from right
  • Inability to solve simple math problems
  • Loss of eye/hand coordination
  • Lack of awareness of personal hygiene


Occipital lobe (back)

  • Visual disturbances
  • Hallucinations
  • Inability to distinguish colors or recognize a written word
  • Reading/writing impairment


Temporal lobe (above ears)

  • Inability to recognize familiar faces
  • Memory loss
  • Constant talking
  • Unusual increase in aggressive behavior


Brain stem (core of brain)

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Decreased breath control
  • Balance disturbance
  • Insomnia


Cerebellum (base of skull)

  • Decrease in fine motor skills
  • Muscle tremors
  • Slowed reaction time
  • Slurred speech


Because the brain can take several months to heal, the effects of a brain injury can impact almost every area of a victim’s life, from personal relationships to their ability to hold on to a job. These same symptoms can make it nearly impossible to gain adequate compensation through insurance or the court system.


That’s why it’s critical to contact a San Antonio personal injury lawyer as soon as possible—before you think you need one. The Law Offices of Pat Maloney offer an experienced team of personal injury lawyers ready to help. Contact us today!

4 Ways to Vet Your San Antonio Accident Attorney


When you’re involved in a car wreck, retaining a San Antonio accident attorney should be near or at the top of your to-do list.

Trying to choose a good one from the phone book or from a web search can permanently cross your eyes. Here are a few tips to find the right fit.


Find a Specialist

Word of mouth may be a good way to find a trustworthy attorney, but does that lawyer specialize in accident cases? You wouldn’t make an appointment with a dentist to operate on your knee. Likewise, don’t contact an estate lawyer for a case better handled by a San Antonio accident attorney.


The local bar association is probably one of the best places to start looking.


Meet with Your Prospect

Once you’re narrowed your choices down, schedule a time to sit down and evaluate your case. Look for verbal and non-verbal cues to determine if this San Antonio accident attorney is the right one for you.


  • First impressions count. Do you immediately feel comfortable in the waiting area? Is the staff friendly and welcoming? Does the attorney’s personality mesh well with yours, or do you feel an instant dislike – even if you can’t quite put your finger on why? If you feel rushed or uneasy, trust your instinct and move on.
  • Is the attorney easily accessible? Are you given multiple ways to contact him or her, such as office phone, cell phone, email? Are they responsive to email and voicemail?


Check Specialty Associations

San Antonio accident attorneys, in addition to belonging to the local bar association, also tend to gather in professional groups. For example, you may find local members of the National Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.


Read Online Reviews

Though online reviews should be read with a grain or three of salt, reading reviews can reveal a pattern of compliments or complaints that will tell you whether to pick up the phone or steer clear.


If you need a San Antonio accident attorney, schedule a consultation with us today. We’re confident you’ll find we’re a perfect fit for your needs.

How to Ensure the Maximum Truck Accident Settlement.


Your truck accident settlement could be the farthest thing from your mind in the first few days after your accident. However, it’s extremely important to quickly begin doing everything in your power to maximize any settlement that will be due for your pain and suffering.

Use Your Cell Phone

Even non-smart phones usually have some kind of camera function. As soon as possible after the accident, use your phone to snap pictures of the scene, the vehicles involved, the surrounding environment (to document weather conditions, road conditions, traffic lights and signs, possible witnesses). The amount of your final truck accident settlement could depend on your quick action.

Caution: If there’s any possibility your injuries are serious or life-threatening, it’s extremely important not to move until first responders arrive. You’ll have to rely on evidence gathered by police and investigators.

Consider the Future

Though your injuries might appear to be minor, don’t refuse to be transported and don’t miss any future doctor appointments related to your injury. Physical injuries may take time to manifest – particularly head injuries – and continue to plague your quality of life and your ability to earn a living long into the future. Make sure you aren’t settling for a lesser amount just because your treatment for the initial injury has ended.

Injuries Aren’t Always Just Physical

When calculating what you think is fair compensation for a truck accident settlement, don’t forget to take into account pain and suffering that extends to your family and other relationships. Physical injuries can rob you of valuable family time, and the emotional aftermath can affect how you relate to family and friends. Post-traumatic stress can destroy marriages and careers.

Get A Good Truck Accident Lawyer On Your Side

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident is overwhelming enough without the added stress of figuring out what you’re owed and how to proceed in a truck accident settlement. Let our competent, qualified attorneys help. Contact us today!

What to Do If Your Workplace Injury Claim is Denied


From your point of view, the outcome of your workplace injury claim should be a no-brainer. You were at work. You were injured while performing your job duties. It sounds like an open-and-shut case.


Not so fast. Insurers are going to be looking for any tiny loophole they can find to find a reason to deny your workplace injury claim. Here are a few common mistakes that can trip you up:


  • You waited too long to notify your supervisor
    Depending on what state you’re in, you might have as little as four days to tell your supervisor in writing about what happened.
  • You waited too long to file a claim
    Again, depending on what state in which you’re employed, you could have only 30 days or up to 90 days to file a formal workplace injury claim.
  • The company you work for refutes your claim
    Your boss may argue that you’re trying to push the expense of an off-hours injury onto the company, or claim that you must not have been following procedure correctly.
  • You didn’t go to the doctor
    Maybe at the time, the injury didn’t seem severe enough to need a doctor’s attention, but it later became an issue that affected your ability to do your job.


What to Do Now

Once you’ve received a letter denying your workplace injury claim, the best thing to do is not panic. Read the letter several times, to make sure you have all the information you need – particularly if there is a deadline to file an appeal.


Second, make an appointment with your employer or its insurance representative to make sure the denial isn’t due to some simple clerical error or misunderstanding.


Third, take your case to a qualified attorney, who will be familiar with the many processes your workplace injury claim appeal will have to navigate in order to get the outcome and compensation you deserve.


Need advice about your workplace injury claim? Call us for an evaluation.

Work Related Injury Attorney Lists Most Common Injuries

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Any experienced work injury lawyer can easily rattle off the most common types. A work-related injury can happen in any kind of job – not just those involving hard physical labor – but it’s no surprise that some professions carry more risk of bodily harm than others.

Do you need a work injury lawyer? Call Pat Maloney today!

A few examples of injuries that a work injury lawyer see most often include:


  • Falls
    One of the most common types of workplace injuries, a fall can happen on flat level ground that’s slippery, or from a height such as those encountered by construction workers.
  • Slipping/Tripping
    Even when a slip or a trip doesn’t result in a fall, the gyrations a body goes through to avoid hitting the ground can itself cause injury to joints, muscles, neck and spine, or cuts and bruises.
  • Physical stress and strain
    Heavy and prolonged pulling, pushing, throwing, lifting, and carrying are considered by many researchers to be the number one cause of workplace injury.
  • Machinery accidents
    Workplace injury lawyers often see workers who have had accidents with all kinds of machinery – construction machines and tools, manufacturing lines in a factory, or vehicles.
  • Workplace violence
    Unfortunately, anyone from an office worker to an oil rigger can encounter workplace violence. Conflicts can arise anywhere, anytime, and can abruptly escalate into physical violence—a disagreement over parking space, jealousy over a co-worker’s promotion, or frustration when a worker consistently misplaces others’ tools.


Training = Prevention

Time after time, workplace injury lawyers discover that if a company had properly trained its workers, injuries could have been prevented. For example, on-the-job violence can be averted by teaching conflict resolution and keeping lines of communication open. Ergonomic techniques and tools can prevent repetitive stress and strain. Enforcing a policy that requires workers to keep their work areas clean and tidy can prevent all kinds of falls, collisions, and falling object injuries.


Need a work injury lawyer? We have the training and experience to handle your case. Contact us today!

What Happens When You Hire a Texas Construction Accident Attorney?

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Construction accidents happen in the blink of an eye, but then, without a Texas construction accident attorney on your side, time seems to slow to a crawl as everyone from your employer’s insurance company to worker’s comp to even the medical establishment seem to drag their feet.

Meanwhile, you and your family are going without a paycheck.

Here’s what happens when you hire a Texas construction accident attorney:

  • The sooner after an accident you hire a lawyer, the more likely it is you’ll navigate the system more quickly and without mistakes that can cost time and money.
  • A lawyer can help you cut through mountains of paperwork and act as your advocate with your insurance company, your employer, and the worker’s comp system to get you the compensation you need as fast as possible.
  • An attorney will know all the ways you can receive compensation for expenses incurred from your injuries, including medical expenses, lost income, and the estimated cost of future treatment, therapy, and negative impact on your future earning potential.

When should you contact a Texas construction accident attorney?

Ideally, no more than one or two weeks after the accident occurred.

What happens after you make the initial phone call?

You will schedule an initial consultation, which is usually free. Remember to bring a few things with you to streamline the process and help the attorney determine the validity of your claims, such as:

  • A copy of the contract you signed when you were hired.
  • Pictures of the scene of the accident. Provide the exact address.
  • Pictures of your injuries, even if they aren’t immediately visible. Photograph where it hurts, and take more pictures hours and even days later, as some bruises and swelling may take time to appear.
  • Copies of medical records, doctor’s notes, names and contact information of all the doctors who examined you, x-rays and their associated reports.
  • A calendar marking the days you’ve missed from work since the accident.
  • Names and addresses of witnesses

Need to schedule a consultation with a Texas construction accident attorney? Call us and set up an appointment. We’ll give you a complete list of items to bring with you to our initial meeting.

Drowsy Driving: How Driver Fatigue Accidents Damage Lives


Are you a male between 18 and 29? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but statistics show that you are more likely to be involved in one of a growing number of driver fatigue accidents. Drowsy driving, while often difficult to pin down with hard evidence, is thought to be the cause of up to 30 percent of all crashes. All crashes, not just distracted-driving type crashes.

Here are a few more driver fatigue accident facts:

  • Not only are men more likely to drive drowsy, they’re more likely than women to fall completely asleep at the wheel.
  • Parents with children tend to drive tired more often than childless adults.
  • Shift workers are more vulnerable to driving drowsy due to sleep deprivation.

Too often, there’s a cost involved when someone chooses to drive drowsy. And that cost can be high.

Human Costs

  • Injury, disability, and death are often the result of driver fatigue accidents, affecting a wide circle of people, including spouses, children, other relatives, friends, and work colleagues.
  • For the driver at fault, add pain, psychological suffering, and the personal costs associated with possible jail time to the above.

Economic Costs

  • Driver fatigue accident victims and their families often suffer financially due to lost wages, loss of a career, medical bills that drain savings accounts, and the not-insignificant cost of repairing or replacing a vehicle.
  • Employers are also impacted by driver fatigue accidents. For the victim who isn’t at fault, the employer could be faced with having to hire and re-train a replacement worker, who may not have the equivalent skills and experience of the lost employee.
    Worse, the employer of the driver at fault could be held financially liable if the employee was on the clock when the driver fatigue accident

Driver fatigue can be difficult to prove, but if you find yourself involved in what you suspect is a driver fatigue accident, an experienced attorney can help.

Texas Oil Field Injuries in the News


With drilling taking place on land and offshore, Texas oil field injuries are in the news with almost numbing regularity. Each accident is an example of how better training and well-maintained equipment could mean the difference between health or disability, or life or death.

A few recent examples:

  • An oil field worker in Midland County was electrocuted when the rig he was helping to build touched power lines.
  • Two Mitchell County oil field workers were killed and one injured when a cable from the winch truck they were operating also touched a power line.
  • In Howard County, an improperly secured oil heater tank rolled, fatally pinning a man against another piece of equipment.
  • An oil rig explosion in Upton County killed three members of a service crew and injured one other.

And what appears in the news are a drop in the bucket compared to the number of incidents that go unreported.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that one in every hundred oil field workers will suffer a job-related injury every year. One percent may sound insignificant, but when you consider the industry employs millions of workers in Texas alone, that one percent can represent thousands of lives affected by injuries such as burns, lung damage, broken bones, traumatic brain injury, eye damage, and chemical toxicity.

What should you do if you are involved in an oil field injury accident?

  • Document the events leading up to the incident, such as weather conditions, wet/slippery surfaces, leaking fuel or chemicals, even the amount of training you received for the particular task you were performing.
  • Report the incident to your supervisor and human resources. Texas law does not require that all oil companies carry workers’ compensation insurance, but if your employer carries it, you could qualify for compensation for lost wages.
  • Compensation for pain and suffering will have to be pursued in court. Retaining an experienced attorney will help make this complicated process easier.

Are you the victim of oil field injuries? Not sure if you’re being treated fairly? Give us a call. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.

What Types of Evidence Will Your San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer Need?


San Antonio car accident lawyers agree: if you’re involved in a car crash (even if it’s just a fender bender), your best friend is your cell phone. Its ability to capture video, photographs, and voice recordings will help you gather the evidence your attorney will need to cover all the insurance and legal bases.

If you don’t have a cell phone, or don’t have one “smart” enough to do it all, keep a disposable camera, a notebook, and pen in the glove compartment for just such an emergency.

As soon as possible after the incident, start gathering the evidence your San Antonio car accident lawyer will need:

  • Circumstances leading up to the accident
    – Weather conditions
    – Time of day or night
    – Traffic signals and signs – Present? Working properly or damaged? Blocked by foliage?
    – Your lane position and approximate speed
  • Photographs
    – Position of the cars involved from as many angles as you can SAFELY manage
    – Damage to your car and other cars involved
    – Your injuries and those of others involved, if visible
    – DON’T interfere with police officers on the scene
    – If you are unable to immediately take pictures because of injury, return to the scene as soon as you are able
  • Witnesses
    Do you see any bystanders? Ask if they witnessed the accident and make sure the responding officer is aware that these people may be willing to give a statement. Again, never interfere with an officer on the scene. If possible, record their versions of the incident for future use by your San Antonio car accident lawyer in court or in an insurance claim.
  • After the accident, keep track of:
    – Medical records and doctors’ notes
    – Bills and estimates for medical treatment and car repair
    – Accident reports – you can request a copy of a report the police officer has filed.
    – Gather pay stubs and recent tax returns to establish the amount of lost wages, if necessary.
    – Copies of your insurance policy to make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered.

Do you need a San Antonio car accident lawyer? We can help you navigate the system. Contact us today.

Workplace Injury Claim: 3 Ways to Track Progress

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If you were hurt on the job, getting your workplace injury claim approved and through the system in a timely manner is important so that you can get the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and support your family. Workers’ compensation claims are notoriously slow, and as employers and claims processors delay paperwork, the injured individual is the one who suffers. If you want to track the progress of your claim and ensure that it moves speedily through the process, consider the following methods:1.

  1. Speak to your employers. If your employers are being cooperative, speak to them about the progress of your injury claim. Ask if they’ve filed the Employer’s First Report with their insurance provider, and see if they’ve followed suit with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).
  2.  Check with the insurer. If your employer is not being cooperative or communicative, check directly with their insurance provider to track the progress of your claim. In most cases, you can either go to the insurer’s website and enter the claim number, or contact a company representative and get more details over the phone.
  3.  Get an attorney involved. If talking to your employer or the insurance company isn’t working, involve an outside attorney to help track your workplace injury claim and ensure that it moves quickly through the system. The attorney will work with your employer, their insurer, and the TDI to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve in a timely manner, and they can also help you take legal action in the event that your employer doesn’t carry workers’ compensation insurance.


If you were injured on the job, don’t let your workplace injury claim get delayed. Contact an attorney at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today. We’ll ensure that you get the money you deserve, fast.