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How to Choose a Workplace Injury Lawyer

December 22, 2015 | Workplace Injuries

Even if you’re not filing a legal claim against your employer, the workplace injury lawyers you choose plays a big role in how you cope with an on-the-job accident. They can ensure you keep your job and see to it that you’re compensated fully for your losses—both physically and emotionally.

But these advantages are only possible if you choose the right workplace injury lawyer—one who’s qualified, experienced and well-versed in local injury law, as well as workers’ compensation claims.

So how do you find the perfect workplace injury lawyer to help you along the way? Just follow these steps:

  • Narrow down a list. Go to martindale.com or TBLS.org, and search for lawyers who specialize in personal injury law. On Martindale, you can even check ratings for each one—ratings determined by the lawyer’s peers and colleagues in the industry. This can give you excellent insight into the quality of an attorney.
  • Start researching your candidates. Go to each attorney’s website, check out online reviews and testimonials, and learn about their experience, background and achievements. You can even look at their most recent results or peruse their blogs.
  • Schedule in-person meetings with your top choices. Meet face-to-face with your top candidates, and get a feel for how they work. What’s their communication style? Is their office neat, tidy and organized, or do they look messy, busy and overworked? These can all clue you in to what type of service you’re going to get.
  • Get a rundown of their approach. While meeting with each candidate, find out what their approach to your case would be. What do they think about your chances of winning? What will they do to strengthen the odds? You want a lawyer who balances honesty with confidence—someone who will tell it like it is, and relentlessly help you win.

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