Driver Fatigue Accidents

There are a variety of factors capable of causing commercial trucking accidents. One of the more common commercial truck accident causes is driver fatigue. Various steps have been taken by the employers of “company drivers” to ensure that their truckers do not succumb to fatigue, then get into driver fatigue accidents. The most obvious reason for driver fatigue is the logging of too many driving hours combined with too little sleep.

As of 2005, federal regulation prohibits commercial truck drivers from logging more than 10 consecutive hours on duty. Similarly, commercial truck drivers are also prohibited from driving for more than 11 hours in a single day. Commercial truck drivers are prohibited from accumulating more than 60 hours of driving time for a single week. Similarly, they are prohibited from accumulating more than 70 hours of driving time over the course of 8 consecutive days. In addition to the aforementioned federal regulations, commercial truck drivers may also have to abide by specific state regulations.

In order to ensure that commercial truck drivers are adhering to federal and state regulations, employers require their drivers to maintain a log in which they document hours/miles on the road, driving start/stop times and hours of sleep attained. Unfortunately, the logs are not a foolproof method of monitoring driver adherence to drive time regulations as logs are often manipulated or faked after the fact.

Regardless of the federal and state restrictions, commercial truck drivers often find themselves on strict transportation deadlines. Delays are commonplace and can significantly alter a commercial truck driver’s schedule. Drivers might opt to bypass the regulations in order to meet these deadlines. It is during times likes these where driver fatigue accidents are more likely to occur.

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