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Fight Back with a Work-Related Injury Attorney, Pat Maloney San Antonio Law Offices.

September 15, 2016 | Workplace Injuries

Do you have a good relationship with your employer? Good for you. But when you get hurt on the job, you’d best hire a work-related injury attorney, because there’s no guarantee your loyalty to the company will be reciprocated. Once you file a legitimate claim, the insurance company takes over—and it gets down to the business of getting away with paying as little as possible for your compensation.

They’re very good at it. But with the right work-related injury attorney, you can fight back.

Report the Incident

One of the first questions a work-related injury attorney may ask you is if you formally reported the incident to your employer. Hopefully you kept a copy of all written communications (forms, emails, etc.) and made a note of any in-person or phone conversations regarding the incident.

One of the biggest mistakes many victims make is taking a wait-and-see approach, hoping the injury or illness is minor and will go away. No harm, no foul. By the time you realize you have a serious issue (deadlines can sometimes be as little as 24 hours), your employer can all too easily deny that your injury occurred at work and refuse to pay for medical treatment or compensation for lost wages.

Provide Witnesses

Next, your work-related injury attorney may ask if any of your co-workers witnessed the incident that caused your injury. Witnesses are your best insurance against your employer claiming the accident never happened, or that it didn’t happen during work hours.

Sweat the Details

Your work-related injury attorney will want to know every detail of the incident. Did it take place during your lunch break? If you left company property to eat instead of dining in the employee break room, the company may not be required to provide compensation. An injury incurred during a work-sponsored event, however, means your employer is responsible for providing benefits even if the event wasn’t on company property.

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