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3 Reasons Why You Did Not Get a Medical Claim Settlement

Medicine is expensive. Most cannot afford medical care out of pocket. So, our medical system depends on insurance to help pay the bill. Insurance companies, despite their ads, are for-profit companies who do not want to spend a cent more than their policies dictate. This is their nature. This is how they make money. It […]

Hire a Serious Personal Injury Lawyer – Pat Maloney

Debilitating injuries shatter lifestyles. The pain that comes with injury also comes with legal demands. When daily living is capitalized by discomfort, knowing that you hired a serious personal injury lawyer at Pat Maloney is a beacon of comfort. After being injured, your job needs to be on healing and getting back to normal life. […]

Tips on How to Get a Car Wreck Settlement in San Antonio

Car accidents occur by the thousands nationwide, every day. Almost every one of them comes with insurance claims and possible legal action. However, each location deals with insurance and legal claims differently, including San Antonio. Though many steps are similar, knowing these tips about how to get a car wreck settlement in San Antonio will […]

The 3 Crucial Steps to Follow When Searching for a San Antonio Car Wreck Attorney

One screech and one second is everything needed find yourself at the epicenter of a car crash on I-10 in downtown San Antonio. Finding a local attorney to receive restitution after an accident will make a difference. Finding the right San Antonio car wreck attorney will make all the difference. Here are the three crucial […]

Oil Rig Injury — Hire an Expert to Represent You

Oil rig technology and regulations have come a long way since the early days of offshore drilling, but oil rig injury accidents are still all too common. Human error is most often the biggest contributing factor. Those errors aren’t limited to those of the workers on the platform. The roots of an oil rig injury […]

Motorcycle Accident? Hire a Lawyer and Find Out What Steps to Follow

When a motorcycle accident happens, no matter who’s at fault, the motorcycle and its rider almost always suffer the greatest amount of damage. In the immediate aftermath, hiring a lawyer is the last thing on your mind, but in the hours and days that follow, it should be high on your list of priorities. First […]

3 Ways to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents in San Antonio. Watch Out!

Hard statistics pertaining to pedestrian accidents in San Antonio can be hard to pin down, mainly because so many of them go unreported. We do know for sure that according to the Governors Highway Safety Association, the number of pedestrian/traffic fatalities leaped over 11 percent in 2016. With pedestrian accidents in San Antonio also on […]

4-Point Checklist Your Work Injury Lawyer Must Fulfill

It’s been said that the best way to stay organized and on track is to make a list. This holds especially true when you need a work injury lawyer after an on-the-job accident puts your health and financial future at risk. It’s not a bad idea to make an “in case of work injury” checklist […]

4 Signs You Might Have Poor Truck Maintenance

If you work in an industry that involves driving trucks, chances are that your main job is getting from point A to point B on time and under budget — end of job description. Your responsibility for the truck itself may not go much further than ensuring there’s enough gas in the tank to complete […]

Are You Looking for Smart Legal Strategies? A San Antonio Workplace Injury Lawyer Can Help

The biggest mistake you can make after getting hurt on the job? Failing to hire a San Antonio workplace injury lawyer right away. Maybe you can trust that your employer will do right by you and help you get treated and back on the job without putting up a fight. The truth is, however, once […]