How to Hire a Reliable 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

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If you’re in an accident with an 18 wheeler, it’s absolutely imperative you hire an attorney as soon as possible. These large trucks are often owned by freight companies and large corporations, and they typically have high-powered lawyers on their side. Those lawyers may attempt to pin the blame on you, so their employers don’t have to cover your medical bills, car damages and other expenses. If you wantto stand a chance of fighting back and getting the money you’re due, you’ll need to hire an 18 wheeler accident lawyerfast.

Here are 4 tips to find the best 18 wheeler accident lawyer for you:

    1. 1. Look at past case results. For any 18 wheeler accident lawyer you’re considering, always ask to see their most recent case results. Be sure that the attorney you choose has a record of winning truck accident cases.


    1. 2. Check customer reviews. Take a look at online review sites and make sure past customers have been satisfied with the attorney’s work before you hire them. If you can’t find any reviews, ask the attorney if they can give you contact info for a past client, so you can ask about their experience yourself.


    1. 3. Meet them in person. Always meet a lawyer in person before you decide to hire them. Make sure the two of you communicate well, and that they seem ready and willing to take on the job.


  1. 4. Check their credentials. Do a quick background search and learn a little about the attorney. How much experience do they have? Where did they go to school? What is their Martindale-Hubbell rating? These can all give you insight into their abilities as a lawyer.


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Beat Big Business Dollars With An 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

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Getting into an accident with an 18-wheeler isn’t the same as being in an accident with a passenger car. In addition to the more severe damage it can cause, you’re also facing a much more formidable opponent, because unlike passenger car drivers who typically deal with wrecks through their insurance agents, 18-wheelers drivers often work for businesses and so are under the protection of a corporate company that has big-business legal representation. These companies have lawyers who are fully funded and prepared to place the blame on your in order to save the company’s reputation, so if you’re in a wreck with a large truck, it’s imperative that you enlist an 18-wheeler accident lawyer to ensure a chance of winning your case.

Beat Big Business Dollars With An 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

With an 18-wheeler accident lawyer on your side, you can make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your car repairs, medical bills, pain, suffering, and any other damages you have endured because of the wreck. An 18-wheeler accident lawyer will help you do things like gather evidence to prove that the truck driver was at fault, which could include police reports, traffic camera footage, the driver’s employment record, and the truck’s logbook. Your lawyer will take care of all communication with the insurance companies and other involved attorneys so that you don’t have to worry about legal jargon and complex issues, and they will file your insurance claim against the driver’s insurer, employer, or owner of the truck if they are refusing to pay. Your 18-wheeler accident lawyer will also ensure that you’re not stuck paying the bills that you have accumulated due to the accident. Many big business lawyers will do anything they can to keep from losing money and to keep the company in business, so they will often try to blame the victim for the crash, even if they played absolutely not part in causing it. Your attorney will stand up for your rights and make sure this doesn’t happen to you.


If you were involved in a wreck with an 18-wheeler, don’t try to take them to court by yourself; contact an 18-wheeler accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.