How to Prevent Typical Car Accident Injuries Involving Drunk Drivers

Preventing typical car accident injuries involving drunk drivers—which run the gamut from minor bruises to mortal wounds—comes down to two ideas: protecting yourself, and protecting the driver from him or herself.

Protect Yourself! Always …

  • Wear your seat belt.
  • Keep a clear distance between you and other cars. In other words, don’t tailgate, and refrain from the temptation to play chicken or give in to road rage.
  • Watch other drivers for erratic behavior such as:
    – Making too-wide turns
    – Overusing the brake pedal
    – Speeding up and slowing down for no reason
    – Weaving in and out of their lane
    – Failing to signal or turn on headlights
  • Stay off secondary roads, especially after midnight on weekends. Use four-lane, divided highways whenever possible. Drunk drivers try to avoid law enforcement by taking lonelier, narrower two-lane back roads. Major highways lessen the risk of side impacts at intersections or head-on collisions with someone who’s drifted across the center line.
  • Slow down and pull over to let a drunk driver pass—never try to pass them—and call the police.

Protect the Driver—And the General Public

Many states now have laws that place some of the blame for typical car accident injuries from a drunk driving accident on the person who provided the alcohol. How can you keep from being “that person” who enabled the drunk driver?

If you’re hosting a party with alcohol:

  • Confiscate every guest’s car key at the door.
  • In each carload, make sure there’s one designated driver.
  • Keep a taxi or car service on speed dial.
  • Stop serving alcohol at least an hour before the party is scheduled to end.
  • Do whatever it takes to keep a drunk guest from driving off in a car. Snag their keys, get a friend to back you up, call a cab, or offer a place to sleep it off.
  • If all else fails, be prepared to call the police. It’s better to risk the friendship than risk the lives of others on the road.

Prevention of typical car accident injuries from drunk drivers is always the best course, but if you wind up involved in a wreck and alcohol was involved, give our experienced accident attorneys a call.

4 Typical Car Accident Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Each year, there are more and more drivers on our nation’s roads. With more drivers comes more traffic, and a higher risk of collisions. This leaves everyone at risk of typical car accident injuries. However, most auto hazards are avoidable by taking common sense precautions. To help ensure you get to your destination when on the road, here’s a look at some basic auto safety tips:


1. Keep your eye on the road and your hands on the wheel whenever the car is running. This is sometimes easier said than done these days, especially given the explosive popularity of mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, and MP3 players. Set these devices aside and out of easy reach while you’re driving. If you absolutely need to be able to answer calls, hook up your phone to your car via Bluetooth for hands-free talking.


2. Remember that rain, ice, and darkness all make driving more hazardous. Even a light shower can double or triple the distance it takes to stop your automobile. Snow and sleet make driving at all a dangerous proposition. These may not be as much of a concern here in San Antonio, but caliche dust can make the roads insanely slick after a sprinkling of rain. The dark of night can prevent you from seeing hazards until it’s too late to avoid them. Keep these things in mind when operating your vehicle and take appropriate safety measures.


3. Many accidents are due to lack of routine vehicle maintenance. For example, ignoring squeaking brakes can result in brake failure just when you need them the most. So follow the car care steps recommended in your owner’s manual and take your vehicle into the shop at the first sign of trouble. This will save you money in the long run, and it may even save your life.


4. A tired driver is a hazardous driver. Staying on the road for long stretches without a break is a bad idea for everyone. So if you find yourself nodding off—or even taking long blinks—, pull off the road, stretch your legs, and walk around a little bit. If you’re sleepy, then you may want to check into a hotel for the night or take a brief nap in your car. It’s better to arrive at your destination late than not at all.


Even the most careful drivers can suffer from typical car accident injuries. So if you’ve been in a wreck, call the Law Offices of Pat Maloney at 210-226-8888 to find out your legal options.


What Are the 5 Most Typical Car Accident Injuries?

It’s not surprising that car accidents often result in injuries. These injuries range from minor cuts, scrapes and bruises to life-changing, forever-altering physical harm that debilitates and paralyzes. But what are the most typical car accident injuries? And which ones are you more likely to suffer from if you’re ever in a wreck?


Here are the five most common injuries we see:


1. Tissue injuries—Injuries to soft tissues like muscles, tendons and ligaments are often suffered in car wrecks. Whiplash, which occurs when the ligaments between the head and neck are stretched, is one such injury, and it is probably the most common car accident injury of all.

2. Head and brain injuries—Unfortunately, brain and head injuries are quite common in car accidents, too. These can include concussions, which victims recover from in a few days, to traumatic brain injuries, which can affect the person’s cognitive and physical functions forever.

3. Spinal and back injuries—Injuries to the back and spine are also quite common. Often, the sheer force of the crash can cause ruptured, slipped or broken discs, and these sometimes injure the spinal cord in the process. This can lead to paralysis and other serious side effects.

4. Chest injuries—Broken ribs, punctured lungs and simple cuts and bruises are just a few of the common chest injuries we see after a car wreck. This is often caused by the driver hitting the steering wheel or air bag or because of a tightened seat belt at the time of the crash.

5. Injuries to the extremities—Victims also commonly suffer arm and leg injuries in car accidents, particularly if the vehicle flips, rolls or is pinned down in some way. It’s not unusual for knee injuries to occur either, since the knees often hit the steering wheel or dashboard during the course of the wreck.


Have you or someone you love suffered from one of these typical car accident injuries? Then contact the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today. Our attorneys can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.