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Looking for a Work Injury Lawyer Near You?

August 7, 2020 | San Antonio Law Firms,Workplace Injuries

Questions: Are you looking for a work injury lawyer near you? Do you need to hire an attorney experienced in work related injuries or worker’s compensation claims as soon as you’ve had a mishap on the job? Answer: It depends.

In cases like the following, you don’t need an attorney to navigate through the workers’ comp system:

  • It’s indisputable that the mishap occurred on company property (or on a job site) while you were performing work-related tasks.
  • The injury was minor—a bruise, sprain, or cut that needed a couple of stitches.
  • You didn’t need to take time off to recover.
  • No pre-existing illness contributed to the accident.

Even if you don’t wind up needing a work-related injury attorney, it won’t hurt to schedule a quick, often free consultation to ensure you’re not overlooking anything. Then, if you decide later you need representation, you already have a relationship established.

How do you know when you need to call in the troops? Here are a few red flags:

  • You’ve done everything you’re supposed to do (and hit all the deadlines), yet your claim is denied. Or your settlement is so slow to arrive, you wind up in collections due to unpaid medical bills.
  • Your claim successfully worked its way through the system, but the compensation doesn’t cover your bills or lost income.
  • You’re doing so poorly you can’t return to your previous work, and you’re also unable to work at any other job due to your injury.
  • You were fired because you got injured and filed a legitimate claim.
  • A third party contributed to the occurrence and/or severity of your injuries, such as faulty equipment or a worker from another company.
  • The government (through Social Security) grabs a big chunk of your settlement because it wasn’t worded properly.

Looking for a Work Injury Lawyer Near You in San Antonio?

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