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Texas is one of the few states that does not require employers to have workers’ compensation coverage, so it’s even more important – if you’re an employer – to elect workers’ compensation insurance. If you’re an employee and have been injured on the job, you are able to submit a workers’ compensation claim

What Can I Gain from Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you’ve been injured on the job in Texas, you should know your rights and responsibilities for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Some important deadlines for filing a claim are that you have 30 days to give notice of work-related injury or illness to your employer and you have a year to file a claim.

Some of the compensation and benefits you should see as a result of filing a claim include medical benefits or coverage for all reasonable health care provided by the treating doctor, income benefits which are equal to a percentage of average weekly wages lost as a result of temporary or permanent disability. You are also able to receive vocational rehabilitation to help find alternative employment if you are unable to return to your previous job. You can also receive death benefits which are equal to 75% of your average weekly wage paid to your legal beneficiaries and up to $10,000 in burial expenses if you or have died from the work-related injury or illness.

At the Law Offices of Pat Maloney, our team will help walk you through the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim and we can help see your case through to a favorable outcome. If you have been injured on the job and are in the San Antonio, TX area, then give us a call today!