3 Reasons Why You Did Not Get a Medical Claim Settlement

Medical Claim Settlement

A medical claim settlement is a difficult case and there may be numerous reasons why you did not receive the settlement you thought you deserved. Here are 3 reasons.

Medicine is expensive. Most cannot afford medical care out of pocket. So, our medical system depends on insurance to help pay the bill. Insurance companies, despite their ads, are for-profit companies that do not want to spend a cent more than their policies dictate. This is their nature. This is how they make money. It is to their advantage and patients are poised to benefit least.

As such, many find they do not get the settlements they need. Here are three reasons why you did not get a medical claim settlement.


Keep every related document you receive regarding your medical experience. If everyone did so, a large number of settlements would not have the chance to be denied. Keeping all your documents in order is a “help them help you” scenario. Insurance adjusters are mandated to provide justification for every penny they dole out. If you have all of your receipts and documents in order, adjusters will have more reasons to say yes than no.

Items to have on hand include receipts, medical bills, invoices, past pay stubs for lost work, police records, and doctor reports if required.


As businesses, insurance companies try to settle claims quickly and cheaply. Though you might have gotten a settlement, you likely did not get a fair medical claim settlement and you risk out of pocket expenses from unforeseen symptoms.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, most states have a set time window in which you can make a claim. The time frame varies from days to years depending on location. Hiring local legal help when you’re unsure about filing claims is your safest option for navigating the medical claim landscape.


If your own insurance company needs specific medical information to process your bills according to your policy, go ahead.

If an at-fault individual’s insurance is pushing you to sign medical releases, do not touch a pen. Often, they will try to use your medical history to mitigate or negate your claim entirely.

When in doubt at any stage of a medical claim settlement, please reach out to a lawyer who specializes in claims. The attorneys at Pat Maloney know how to work with insurance companies and have a success record to prove it. If you need help, call us today at (210) 226-8888!