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  • Oscar Flores
  • Dave Carraway
  • Alex G.
  • Will Always Be Thankful for Pat Maloney
    We knew what really happened – but we couldn’t get the truth through. Once Pat got involved – he saved the case. He fought very hard for us. He saved our family. I’ll always be thankful for Pat Maloney.

    - Janie H.

  • Very Grateful for What Pat Maloney Did for Us
    Pat Maloney built a very strong case for us. He never gave up. I’ll always be so very grateful for what Pat Maloney did for us.

    - Alejandro G.

  • We Won
    Our family security was in jeopardy and we were running out of hope. From the moment we got Pat Maloney involved, everything changed. Pat knew what to do, and did it well. At the end of the day — we won.

    - Jutta H.

  • They Fight for You
    My experience with the firm is fantastic. They really know what they are doing and they fight for you. They have a history of helping those who have been victimized.

    - Deb P.

  • Team of Quality People
    When I asked around for the best attorney to represent me, one name kept coming up — Pat Maloney. Pat surrounded me with a team of quality people and his extensive experience and strategy paid off. Thank you, Pat!

    - Dave C.

  • Great
    They're great

    - Hector S.

  • Professionalism and Attention to Detail Are as Evident Today
    Growing up in San Antonio during the 70’s and ’80s The Law offices of Pat Maloney was synonymous with Law. What it represented was a leveling of the playing field. Suddenly “little guys” had as big a voice in the courtroom as millionaires. The entire family is dedicated to the pursuit of justice. They were always the Mercedes! I have had to call on them recently and have found, thankfully, that we can still drive a Mercedes! The professionalism and attention to detail are as evident today as it was and has been for the 50 years that I have been alive! The Maloneys have definitely paved the way for all these other lawyers that advertise today. I find it comforting that a family who all have made their home in San Antonio for over 60 years and who have served the community’s legal needs for that time is still here willing to serve and help those in need! I am glad we still get to drive a Mercedes!

    - Mark A.

  • Care
    Genuinely care about their clients.

    - Former Client

  • San Antonio’s Most Famous Lawyers
    One of San Antonio's most famous lawyers in San Antonio Pat Maloney

    - Roger A.

  • Grateful for the Law Offices of Pat Maloney
    My family is eternally grateful for the Law Offices of Pat Maloney. I recommend Pat Maloney without reservation!

    - Kathleen B.

  • Excellence and Integrity
    Following a serious accident-related injury, trusted friends referred me to the Maloney Law Firm because of Pat Maloney, Jr.’s reputation for excellence and integrity. The aftermath of a serious injury is always difficult and stressful to deal with, but having Mr. Maloney and his knowledgeable staff working on my behalf helped reduce the stress. Mr. Maloney kept in regular contact with me as the case progressed, and his staff was always available and responsive when I had questions. I was very impressed with Mr. Maloney’s professional skills and am deeply grateful for The Maloney Law Firm’s work on my behalf.

    - Mary T.

  • Honest Lawyers in San Antonio
    I'd always thought that lawyer was a dirty word until I met with Pat Maloney. I've seen what he has done for people and I feel he is one of the only honest lawyers in San Antonio, or maybe even the country. He says that the truth will take care of itself, and he was right. Thank you, Pat!

    - Matthew E.

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