4 Signs You Might Have Poor Truck Maintenance

If you work in an industry that involves driving trucks, chances are that your main job is getting from point A to point B on time and under budget — end of the job description. Your responsibility for the truck itself may not go much further than ensuring there’s enough gas in the tank to complete the assigned job. But poor truck maintenance is a significant contributing factor to many road and construction site accidents.

There are many signs that the truck you’re driving for your job may not be properly maintained. Checking for these indications of poor truck maintenance could not only save your job, but it could also save your life and those of the other drivers who share the road.

Poor Truck Maintenance Items That Can Lead to Accidents

  • Damaged Windows, Particularly the Windshield
  • Worn-Out Brakes
  • Broken or Burned-Out Headlights, Turn Signals, or Other Lights
  • Old, Bald Tires
  1. Damaged windows, particularly the windshield
    Cracks in the windshield, side windows, or rear window could block your vision just enough to affect your reaction time. You can’t avoid a crash if you don’t see the danger coming. In addition, a cracked windshield isn’t as effective at deflecting flying objects as an intact one.
  2. Worn-out brakes
    Is there a terrible grinding sound or a distinct wobble or vibration when you apply the brakes, especially at highway speeds? Does the truck pull to one side or the other when you step on the pedal? This sign of poor truck maintenance means the brakes are long overdue to be serviced.
  3. Broken or burned-out headlights, turn signals, or other lights.
    Not only is it illegal in most places to drive with a headlight out, but it’s also dangerous, especially at night. A broken interior light can be more than a minor inconvenience if an emergency situation arises.
  4. Old, bald tires
    Tires with worn-down tread — or worse, completely bald — not only decrease your traction but also raise the likelihood you’ll roll over in a high-speed accident.

What Can You Do?

With poor truck maintenance as a leading cause of vehicle accidents, your safety is as important as that of other drivers on the road. Inspect your assigned vehicle before and after every run, and make sure the personnel responsible follow through with repairs.

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