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Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

There are plenty of reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer, but finding one serious about winning your case is one of the keys to a successful outcome. Debilitating injuries shatter lifestyles. The pain that comes with injury also comes with legal demands. When daily living is capitalized by discomfort, knowing that you hired a serious personal injury lawyer at Pat Maloney is a beacon of comfort. After being injured, your job needs to be on healing and getting back to normal life. Court cases, settlements, and claims do not fit that job description.

The Attorneys at the law offices of Pat Maloney are serious personal injury lawyers and here is what you can expect when you hire them.


You deserve to know what is happening at each stage of your case. Our lawyers will not dance around the details.

First, they will sit with you to evaluate your medical bills, quality of life, and pain endured to determine your case’s worth.

Then, you will get updates on crucial stages throughout your case till the end, but, most importantly, our lawyers will be there for you whenever needed and however needed.


A serious personal injury lawyer knows that doing a job is only worth working if it is done right. Our lawyers cater to you throughout the whole legal process. There is no other “discount” package around. Every case takes a different route, so, should you need it, here is what you can expect from us:

What are the reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer?

  • All necessary paperwork filled and filed, we will navigate the legal landscape for you.
  • Evidence collection, we will gather everything you need.
  • Witness testimony organization, we will record and organize statements.
  • In personal statement preparation, you will know what to say.
  • Negotiations, we will work to ensure insurance companies do not short change you.
  • Representation in court, should you go to court – we will be there with you.
  • Distribution of your settlement after a successful case, we will organize the distribution for any injury-related expenses you have.


At Pat Maloney, we work for people with names and faces, not clients and cases. Though we hope no further injuries or pain occur, we are dedicated to the individuals we serve and will continue to take up your cause for you, because, that is simply what a serious injury lawyer does.

If you have an injury and need help with your case, we would be happy to serve you. Call today at (210) 226-8888.