Qualities of the Best San Antonio Work Injury Lawyer

It can be tough to find the best San Antonio work injury lawyer. On the outside, they all look much the same: professionally dressed, framed certificates on their office walls, and well versed in what some may call “lawyerspeak.”

By the time you’re waiting fruitlessly for your fifth returned call and you figure out you’re little more than a number, it could be too late to switch to a more amenable attorney.

Dedication to Their Profession

College degrees and a passing score on the bar exam is only the first step in a career that should be devoted to professional development at every level. Don’t be afraid to examine those framed certificates and ask questions such as:

  • What did you major in for your undergraduate degree?
    Contrary to what you might assume, not all lawyers spring from the political science bachelor’s degree pipeline. The best San Antonio work injury lawyer may have received a bachelor’s degree in almost anything: English, pre-med, the sciences, the arts, or wherever their interest lies.
  • How many work injury cases have you handled?
    Say you need a knee replacement. Do you want a surgeon who’s only picked up a scalpel once before? Or one who has hundreds of procedures under their belt and before that, learned at the elbow of an experienced mentor?
  • What do you like to do outside of work?
    This isn’t a dumb question. You know the saying “all work and no play”? A burned-out lawyer is an ineffective lawyer. One who takes time to “refill the well” and return to work refreshed is the one you want on your team.

Multifaceted Knowledge

The best San Antonio work injury lawyer not only knows how to meet every deadline, cross every T, and dot every I, but they are also skilled negotiators and know the value of your case. In other words, they know how different factors will impact your settlement. These include:

  • How serious your injuries are and how severely you’re physically limited.
  • Your work and salary history.
  • The costs of your past, current, and probable future medical treatment.

Got a question to ask the best San Antonio work injury lawyer? Start with us.