Tips for Filing a Successful Third Party Insurance Claim

When you’re in a wreck caused by another driver, you’ll need to file a third-party insurance claim. A third party insurance claim is filed with the other driver’s insurance carrier and can compensate you for your car repairs, medical bills, and any other costs you’ve incurred because of the accident. Unfortunately, all too often, insurance companies offer victims a low-ball settlement amount – something much less than they are actually due.

What is a third party claim in car insurance?

A third party insurance claim is when you file a claim with another driver’s insurance company because the other driver was the at-fault driver causing the car accident.

Were you in a wreck? Follow these tips to ensure your third party insurance claim compensates you as much as possible:

  • Make sure to file an accident report with the police. These reports are an integral piece of evidence in insurance claims and can help prove the other driver’s fault in the wreck.
  • Be thorough when getting information from the other driver. Get details on their insurance carrier and policy number, full name, address, phone number, license plate, driver’s license number, and more.
  • Get the name and phone number of anyone who may have witnessed the accident. They can help testify on your behalf if necessary.
  • Contact a personal injury attorney that specializes in accident law. They can ensure you don’t settle for less than you’re due.
  • Take photographs of the accident and any damage done to your vehicle. These can be used as evidence in the claim.
  • Write down detailed notes about the accident while they are still fresh in your mind. This can help ensure you don’t forget anything important as time passes.
  • Save any bills or receipts related to your injuries or the damage to your car. These can be used to assess how much you are due in your claim.
  • Get your car evaluated by an independent auto garage – not one recommended by the insurance company.

Following these tips can give your claim a better chance of success. Need more help or guidance in filing your third party insurance claim? Call Pat Maloney: Accident & Injury Attorney at (210) 226-8888 today.