What to Look for in a Workplace Accident Attorney

When you’ve been hurt on the job, you’re likely due compensation for your medical bills, the income you’ve lost, and more. This could be through workers’ compensation coverage or you may need to file an injury claim against your employer, coworker, or other third party who caused your accident. To determine the best form of action for your particular injury, it’s best to consult a workplace accident attorney. They can guide you through the workers’ comp process, or, if necessary, help you file a legal claim for compensation.

However, how do you go about finding a workplace accident attorney? And what exactly do you look for when considering candidates? Follow our handy guide below:

What to look for in a workplace accident attorney?

  • Experience
  • Satisfied Customers
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Community Involvement
  • Board Certifications

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  • Look for experience. First off, look for a workplace accident attorney with years of experience under his or her belt. The longer they’ve been in working in on-the-job injury law, the more equipped they’ll be to handle your case. Additionally, look for attorneys who don’t just have lengthy experience, but also varied experience. You want a lawyer who has run the gamut in work injury cases; they should have tried plenty of cases involving oilfield injuries, construction site accidents, industrial incidents, and more. The more varied experience they have, the more likely they will have tried a case just like yours in the past – allowing them to know exactly what to do to build your case and see it through to success.
  • Find satisfied customers. Always look to customer reviews and testimonials when looking for a great workplace attorney. See that past customers and clients were happy with their work, the results of their case, and their overall experience with the lawyer. All in all, where you find satisfied customers, you’ll find a good attorney.
  • Be on the lookout for awards and recognition. There are thousands of lawyers you can choose from, and awards and recognition are a great way to distinguish a great attorney from the rest of the pack. Specifically, look for candidates who have been recognized for their service. Pat Maloney, for example, has been named Outstanding Young Trial Lawyer by the San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association, and he has been listed as one of the “Best Lawyers in America” five years running. Recognition like this lets you know you’re getting a quality lawyer who is dedicated to his or her craft and who’s known for delivering bona fide results.
  • Check for community involvement. The more involved your workplace accident attorney is, the better. Community involvement indicates that a lawyer is well educated on their local legal system – the laws and regulations you may face, the judges and attorneys you may come in contact with, and the court system you’ll be privy to. Knowing this information will allow them to build a better, more thorough, and more successful case on your behalf. To find attorneys with great community involvement, look for ones that serve on local boards or organizations. Pat Maloney, for example, has served as the president of the San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association and as director of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association. Both of these positions demonstrate Maloney’s dedication to his craft and to his community at large.
  • Find board certification. Board certification indicates that a lawyer is an expert in a certain field of law. To give your case the best chance of success, seek a workplace accident attorney who is board certified in personal injury law. In order to qualify for board certification, a lawyer must have a certain number of years of experience, be dedicated to continuing education in the field, and be recommended by their peers. Only a select few lawyers are honored with this type of certification, and it indicates a true understanding of the field of injury law and a dedication to their community. Both of which can help you succeed in your case.

Are you looking for a workplace accident attorney? Look no further than Pat Maloney. Board-certified and highly experienced, Pat Maloney can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call (210) 226-8888 today for a free consultation and case evaluation!