5 Questions Your Workplace Accident Attorney Will Ask

If you have been injured on the job, your initial consultation with an attorney is important but can be very intimidating. Here are 5 workplace accident investigation questions your attorney is sure to ask, so record your answers while they are fresh in your memory.

5 Workplace Accident Investigation Questions

Workplace Accident Investigation Questions

1. What Happened?

This sounds obvious, but oftentimes, your case will be decided based on the actual facts of the accident. Sit down before your meeting and try to remember as much of the scene as possible. Your workplace accident attorney will want to know items such as: what you were doing before the accident, whose direction were you following, how did the accident happen, and who was around when the accident occurred. Think about the sequence of events and organize them in your mind as best you can.

2. What Medical Care Providers Have You Seen?

Bring a list of all the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other medical providers you have seen since the accident, even for reasons unrelated to the accident. If you cannot remember all their names, bring a list of the facilities.

3. What Are Your Injuries?

Make a list of every injury you sustained as a result of your workplace accident. Your list should include the name of the doctor who diagnosed the injury, treatments for your injuries, and your doctors’ prognosis for each injury.

4. Are You Back To Work?

If you have been cleared to go back to work, have you started working again? How long were you out of work? How much income did you lose as a result of your injury? If you have not been cleared to go back to work, what are your doctors saying about your return to work?

5. What Did Your Company Do?

Your attorney will need to know exactly what your company did after your accident. Did they take you to a doctor? Do you know if they investigated the accident? Did they interview any witnesses? Were you fired or disciplined as a result of the accident and your injury? The more information you can provide about your company’s response to the accident, the better.

These initial consultations can be confusing, but being prepared will help both you and your workplace accident attorney. Pat Maloney has been practicing law for over 30 years and is recognized nationwide for excellence and dedication. Contact us today to see why you should choose us as your workplace accident attorney.