I Was Injured During Fiesta; What Can I Do?

I Was Injured During Fiesta; What Can I Do?Fiesta is one of the most anticipated and thrilling annual events in San Antonio. This event brings several million people together to watch the parades, enjoy the music, and eat amazing food. While Fiesta is a great time for many, unfortunately, there is always the risk of accidents and injuries.

Were you injured while walking around Fiesta?

Fiesta is a walkable event that takes place every April in San Antonio. Visitors walk around taking part in the celebrations and festivities. However, the various construction projects and work zones around the downtown area put a damper on many attendees’ plans this year. The executive director of the Fiesta Commission, Steve Rosenauer, warned  before the event that construction would most likely bring challenges. The construction and road work even affected some of the Fiesta parade routes, requiring Rosenauer and his team to make accommodations to ensure that floats and participants could pass through.

In addition, some of the seating usually provided to attendees near the Rivercenter Mall and the Alamo Plaza was not available this year. Many people were left standing and drivers were confused about which ways to go due to the many road closures. People who planned to attend Fiesta were encouraged to plan early regarding how they would get to the event. Areas for parking and public transportation were available to get to the downtown area where Fiesta was held, but many people still needed to walk, leaving the door wide open for pedestrian accidents.

If you were injured walking around the unavoidable construction sites or even struck by a vehicle while walking to Fiesta, Pat Maloney, Jr. and his legal team are here to assist you. We know how devastating it can be to suffer serious injury at an event meant to be exciting and fun. That is why we are committed to helping you get the justice and compensation you deserve as soon as possible.

Was your child injured?

Since schools close for Fiesta, many people decided to take part in the festivities with their children and educate them about their state’s cultural heritage. There were several family-friendly activities for parents and children: races, carnival rides, inflatable sport areas, laser tag, slides, rock climbing, face painting, and more. However, as parents we all know that these events can quickly become a horrific nightmare when your child is seriously hurt.

Whether they slipped on something wet or were trampled by crowds, struck by a vehicle, or even injured on a carnival ride, the Law Office of Pat Maloney wants to hear about it. A San Antonio child injury lawyer like Pat Maloney, Jr. knows that even the most careful and diligent parents cannot keep their child safe from every accident.  You can depend on our legal team to protect your and your child’s legal rights and help you obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

Were you injured u a drunk driver during Fiesta?

When you walked around Fiesta you likely noticed people carrying alcoholic beverages. It may come as no surprise that drunk driving increases by about 20 percent during Fiesta San Antonio. For this reason, everyone who plans to drink is strongly encouraged to have a designated driver, use rideshare services, or take public transportation to reach their destination after the event. However, many people still choose to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Alcohol can severely impair a driver’s reaction times, judgment, decision making, and coordination.

As a result, they are more likely to make mistakes, such as swerving, failing to stop at traffic lights or signs, or driving too fast or too slow. This is alarming, as it puts the 3.5 million people who attend Fiesta and the San Antonio community at large at risk of drunk driving accidents and life-threatening injuries. Even if you are a careful and safe driver, a drunk driver’s poor decisions could cause serious injury to you and your passengers.

If you were injured during Fiesta, the Law Office of Pat Maloney is here to help you. Pat Maloney, Jr.  gives his undivided attention and ensures that every client’s case is taken seriously. Our legal team is dedicated to making sure that every client who walks through our office doors is treated with compassion, respect, and understanding. If you are ready to work with an experienced and knowledgeable San Antonio personal injury attorney, call our office or submit our contact form to schedule a free case review today.