Oil Rig Injury — Hire an Expert to Represent You

An oil rig injury attorney is a must to help you determine exactly who is at fault if you are injured in an oilfield accident. Oil rig technology and regulations have come a long way since the early days of offshore drilling, but oil rig injury accidents are still all too common. Human error is most often the biggest contributing factor. Those errors aren’t limited to those of the workers on the platform. The roots of an oil rig injury can often be traced to humans back on land.


That’s why hiring an attorney well versed in oil rig rules and regulations is critical. An experienced attorney is your best chance to trace the cause of an accident back to the source.

What are some of the most likely conditions to result in an oil rig injury?


  • Transport to and from the rig
    Offshore oil rigs, by definition, are in deep-water areas known for strong currents, high waves, and extreme weather. An oil rig injury often occurs when workers are being transferred to or from shore, and their boats and helicopters run afoul of these unpredictable conditions. Injuries can range from simple sprains to death.
  • Improper or inadequate training
    Workers who have not been thoroughly trained in safety procedures can put other crew members at risk from falling objects, poorly secured safety lines, spilled substances, and more.
  • Fatigue and emotional factors
    Crew members who have not been scheduled enough hours off to rest are at higher risk of oil rig injury. In addition, not enough attention is paid to the emotional and psychological stress of spending long periods of time on the rig, away from home and family and among crew members with whom there may be personality conflicts.
  • Faulty equipment
    Poor-quality tools, machinery, and containers can lead to myriad oil rig injury accidents, including fires, explosions, slips and falls, broken bones, and even amputation and death. Accidents like these aren’t always the fault of the workers themselves, and it takes the fact-finding skills of an experienced attorney to dig for the truth — and place the liability where it belongs.


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