Truck Drivers Are Sometimes Negligent, But Others May Be Liable

When a truck accident occurs, most people are quick to point at the truck driver as the negligent party. And while truck drivers are often the most negligent party, several issues can cause a crash, and it’s not always the truck driver that is at fault. While we know that over 80% of truck accidents occur because of drivers in passenger vehicles, many crashes occur because of other trucking industry parties and providers. Before moving forward with legal action, it helps to know who is responsible.

Trucking Company Owners

If trucking company owners encourage any negligent act, they are liable for any accident that occurs. For instance, if an owner tries to have their drivers travel for extended periods beyond the Hours of Service regulations, they could be responsible for any crash resulting from fatigue. Drivers can deny these actions, but unfortunately, owners may threaten to fire those who don’t comply.

Trucking company owners should also make sure to maintain their large commercial trucks to prevent harm.

Company Employees

Employees who may be responsible for loading the trailers must keep in mind even distribution and weight restrictions. If they load the trailer incorrectly, it can lead to several problems on the road. Uneven or overloaded trucks can overturn, jackknife, or otherwise cause significant issues.


Unfortunately, manufacturers who are responsible for the production of safe components may cause accidents. If a truck has a defective product that fails on the road, collisions can occur, resulting in some of the most severe and catastrophic injuries.

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