What Information Do I Need After a Trucking Accident?

It can be shocking to experience a truck accident. In the aftermath, you can build your case by gathering specific information. While we know it may slip your mind, the steps you take after the truck accident can go a long way in pursuing the compensation you deserve. Below, we’ll help you understand which information to get and how to move forward.

Truck Driver’s License Information

Get the truck driver’s commercial driver’s license (CDL). Contact information is also vital, especially if the truck driver works for themselves and there is no other company to pursue. Provide this information to your legal team to start pursuing compensation.

Trucking Company Information

Whether the truck accident occurred because of the driver, defective component, or other factors, you should obtain information about the trucking company. The employer can be held accountable in specific situations, so having this information can be crucial.

Insurance Information

One of the most critical elements of your claim is the insurance information you can get from the driver. Because you can file a personal injury claim against the responsible party, you want to have the insurance policy number to have your legal team pursue the claim in the most effective manner possible.

Accident Photos

Take photos that show the positioning of vehicles, visible injuries, and any potential signs of negligence. The more photos you take, the better it is for your case. Getting pictures of your accident gives your legal team resources to file a claim and hold negligence accountable.

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