Accident Injury Claims in the Construction Industry

Construction site accidents can happen to anyone. In fact, construction is ranked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as the most dangerous form of employment, with 150,000 on-site accidents occurring annually, resulting in 1,000 deaths per year. The construction industry, therefore, generates a staggering amount of construction site accident claims.

Recurring construction site accidents can lead to broken bones, injuries to the face, burns, traumatic brain injuries, scars, spinal cord injuries, or paraplegia.

On a construction site, it is the responsibility of all contractors, owners, engineers, manufacturers, architects, and superintendents to ensure the employees are safe and protected at all times.

Recovering fair compensation is imperative if you have been involved in a construction site accident, especially if the same type of accidents keep happening. You are entitled to more than just workers’ compensation. You can rely on this to cover medical expenses or lost wages, but the intangible damages you need covered—specifically your pain, mental anguish, loss of the ability to enjoy the things you once did, and suffering—can be aided by third-party liability suits.


Construction Site Accident Claims

With construction site accident claims, one of the first steps for your personal injury attorney is to determine the responsibility held by each involved party for maintaining a safe workplace, and where that responsibility may not have been upheld. This is where the liability is determined.

While workers’ compensation can cover medical expenses and lost wages, liability claims can increase the recovery amount you receive so that it is meaningful enough for you to move forward in your life after an accident.

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