3 Secrets of Workers Compensation Settlements

It’s no secret that it’s not always easy to get workers compensation settlements. Some cases are open-and-shut. Some employers’ insurance companies don’t fight you every step of the way. But even when everything goes smoothly, you may still have some surprises in store.

Every Part of Your Case Has Value

It might surprise you to know that every detail factors into how much is paid out in worker’s compensation settlements. This includes:

  • Whether your disability is partial or total, temporary or permanent.
  • How much time you have lost from work, day by day, hour by hour.
  • The sum total of all your related medical bills, which means it’s critical to keep track of all your paperwork.
  • Whether you’re willing to accept a lump-sum settlement or structured payments.
  • Pain and suffering, for yourself and your family.

Workers Compensation Settlements Aren’t Simple

Getting workers compensation settlements isn’t as simple as saying “okay” and getting a check. There are many factors to consider, such as:

  • You don’t have to accept the first amount offered to you, but consider this: If negotiations fail and you proceed to litigation, there’s a chance the judge won’t see things your way and you’ll wind up with nothing.
  • One of the stipulations of accepting working compensation settlements is often giving up the right to seek further compensation for the same injury later if the symptoms linger.
  • If you’re deep into the process and are worried that your employer hasn’t offered any kind of a settlement at all, it may not be because they’re hedging their bets or digging in their heels. Depending on what state you’re in, there may be regulations that stipulate exactly when a settlement can be offered, and you simply haven’t reached that point yet.

Once It’s Done, It Can’t Be Undone

As mentioned above, once all parties involved agree on worker’s compensation settlements and have signed on the dotted line, you can’t come back later and ask for additional money, even if you need more treatment for the same injury.

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